Porkilicious Malones Jaya One

Malones Irish Restaurant and Bar opened their fifth outlet at Jaya One. This outlet is different from the others as this outlet serves pork. 

This new outlet lives up to the idea of Malones. Irish yummies and a bar full of awesome thirst quenching drafts to choose from. Malones is all about fun, letting loose, just being ‘you’ and enjoying moments with friends and family. 

And to kick off the evening while waiting for the yummies to arrive, my choice is always a cold Guinness. Its always my fave choice of stout. Bitter? Nah...its a beautiful rich taste that I learnt to love when Daddy started me on Guinness Malta as part of post training recovery drink.

The Porky Platter RM37.90 makes a good choice for nibbles in between drinks. Its also quite a good filler too. A very mouthwatering plate of traditional Crackling Pork Belly, BBQ Ribs and Pigs in Blanket. Eat it on its own and dip it into the trio of dips: shallot vinegar, BBQ sauce and mustard.

And if you want something for filling, the Paddy Steak Sandwich RM28.90. Its an Irish style steak sandwich. Served with poached egg and mustard spread with deep fried sliced russet potatoes on the side, this is a good balance of carbo, protein and vegies. 

For seafood and pasta lovers, the Irish Seafood Pasta RM27.90 is a good choice. As with all good eateries, let them know your doneness preference for the pasta and it will come out fine like we had ours. A generous serving of juicy prawns, clams and dory cubes tossed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine and chili flakes for a satisfying meal.

The Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy RM29.90 is a recommended is you love susages. I preferred the grilled pork better than the chicken sausages. Served with a very delightful Guinness onion gravy that goes extremely well with the Colcannon (cabbage and spring onion mash). And the sauce was so good that I actually resorted to dipping the fries served with the ribs into it.

The BBQ Ribs is available in full (RM49.90) or half rack (RM24.90) of baby back pork ribs slow cooked. Forget the utensils, dig in with your fingers and suck or chew or lick the bone clean:D Served with BBQ sauce, chips (generous portion) and coleslaw.

Pork knuckle is the craze in town. Malones serves them too. Traditional German Style Pork Knuckle RM39.90 marinated in beer and brined for a day. The skin was perfectly cracking though the meat was a tad dry for my personal preference but that's the way the Germans served it since its to be washed down with one's choice of bubbles. I must say that that the mashed potatoes and and special brown sauce is good and I woudn't mind eating a whole serving of the mash on my own...
Do allow a cooking time of approximately 25 minutes for this order.

Love Guinness? Love stew? Then the Guinness Beef Stew RM29.90 is a complete meal on its own. The beef cubes are seared to retain the juices of the meat and thereafter stewed in Guinness and root vegetables for 4 hours. The breads make good accompaniment for you to soak in the rich savoury gravy.
Malones Jaya One:
M-4-G, Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya

Malones also has 4 other outlets located at Suria KLCC, Sooka Sentral, Pavillion KL and The Curve.

Full set of pictures on my FB Page Missyblurkit: Porkilicious Malones @ Jaya One