Sushi Tei @ Setia City Mall

Dinner at Sushi Tei was my third Japanese meal in 3 consecutive days. And it was a good end to my 3 days of Japanese feasting when dinner was at Sushi Tei's latest outlet at Setia City Mall. This outlet I believe is also a call to celebrate as far as Klang or Shah Alam folks are concerned. 

It a day of strange jams for whatever reason. Pretty much everyone came late so the early birds chilled. Have a green tea...its a zen drink with lots of antioxidant:D Or choose from a range of fruit juices, soft drinks or mocktails.
I kicked off with a zen drink.
And the "happy drinks" follow suit in a while. Hot sake since it was a slightly chilly evening. Sip it slowly and savour the warmth and flavours. 
I've never been able to say no to Umeshu or better known as Choya. The drink is actually called choya i.e. plum wine while the name Choya has kind of turned into a household name for the plum liquer. Its a little like in our Malaysian style of calling toothpaste Colgate:P Its not just a girl's drink though I have to warn that this being an easy and sweet drink, its kinda easy to go high if you drink it a lil too fast.
While waiting for the rest to arrive, we nibble of the Fried Chicken Skin and Fried Salmon Skin. Crispy and flavourful, they make good nibbles over chats and drinks. These 2 are rather addictive so my advise is to order 1 serving for 2-3 to share. And if you want a seriously healthy option then order the Edamame.
Fried chicken skin
Fried salmon skin
The groupie arrives and we're ready to order, Food is relatively fast so no worries about rumbling stomachs after they brave the jam for dinner.

Tofu is one of my faves. I usually have them cold but for a change this time around it was the  Agedashi tofu. Deep fried tofu served in a shoyu and mirin broth topped with some "dancing" bonito flakes.  
A must have for egg lovers at Sushu Tei is the Onsen Tamago. Eat it as soon as it arrives so that the yolk does not overcook. Served with some dashi and some chopped seaweed, the art of eating is to mix it a little and slurp it up straight from the bowl. Yes forget the spoon since its only for you to mix the egg with the dashi.
One of the best tasting appetizer I have had in Sushi Tei has to be the Akari Sakamushi. The clams are steamed in sake brings out the natural sweetness of the clams. Steamed just right, the clams were nice and tender.
I love places that serve natto or fermented beans. Its something that not everyone loves and if you are brave to taste it, then it will grow on you and perhaps you end up keeping a  bottle of natto in the fridge. Some find it slimy and taste funny. I can;t seem to agree with that and perhaps to coax you in tasting natto, I will say that it has an after taste of coffee. I kid you not. So here we have Maguro Natto i.e. chopped raw tuna with natto. Mix them all well and eat it. A lil slimy so have a serviette handy in case you get messy.
A common item in most Japanese meals will be the Chawanmushi. Steamed egg custard with some treasures below including a gingko, chicken and mushroom. Choose a classic chawan mushi or for something more indulging, the Ikura Chawanmushi is a absolutely delectable with the added rich fishy taste of the roe.
One can almost not have enough of salmon roe. And a nice interesting one Ikura Shoyuzuke. This is a little more full flavoured compared to your regular salmon roe as its marinated in soy sauce. Its also a little darker from the marinade.
I'm honestly not a fan of tuna salad. I like tuna on its own plain. So when the Inari Tuna Salad arrived, I resorted to my usual eating habits. I eat the sweet beancurd while the husbter inherits the tuna salad which he relishes in delight. No wastage!
Chicken Gyoza lightly pan fried leaves you with a slightly crisp skin while leaving the minced chicken filling nice and moist. 
An all time favourite that brings out the cat in me. Shishamo is served while its still warm. The smelt is fried just nice and I ate the whole fish from head to tail.
These grilled Hotate Teriyaki are super yumms. Not the biggest scallops ever but its still nice and juicy. Sorry but these scallops are not meant for sharing. Slight chewy and flavourful from the teriyaki sauce, I wasn't sharing any of this.
I think Tokoyaki or Octopus Balls make a delightful snack rather than a meal. Yet strangely I actually know of folks who would just ordre plates and plates of tokoyaki for a meal. Are you one of them?
Chicken Karaage is one dish that is always a hit with almost everyone in Japanese restaurants. At Sushi Tei, I think this must be one of their best sellers since I saw many of the table that night ordering this very same dish. It was deep fried as it should be so that the skin is all nice and crisp. At Sushi Tei, I absolutely loved it since they served it right. Chicken skin was nice and crisp, the oil was drained before serving and more so because the chicken was throughly flavourful with the marinade of soy sauce, ginger and garlic.
Not too sure who ordered the Potato Salad but it was a good idea. The regular mashed potato can get a wee boring. Topping it with some flying fish roe is delightfully good especially when the roe explodes in your mouth. 
Now let's move on to the hand rolls. They are often fascinating for its brilliant colours and flavors all rolled into a beautiful form. The Dai Dai Roll is a lil train of salmon, mango and crab meat. The mago gives it a slightly sweet taste and certainly compliments the crab meat.
I didn't know what to expect with Volcano Roll since I have never came across this name before. It turns out to be a play of unagi, cream cheese and flying fish roe. Tasted awesome though it can get a tad rich (oily) for some when you combine the rich unagi with cream cheese and roe but its so good that if you order for sharing, it will go well.
There were a few girls that night and girls being girls, we're all kinda vain one way or another. Someone spotted the word collagen and we all knew how good collagen is for our skin. So there we have the Collagen Aburi Salmon Roll with a slice of collagen on top of the half broiled salmon. 
I've always been mesmerized by the Japanese rolls when it comes with a prawn head. It reminds me of a dragon boat and that is actually one of my fave sports to watch when I was kid back in Penang. So here we have the Golden Roll made with mango and prawn. The Dragon Roll uses avocado and the king prawn. Do not waste the prawn head. Its nice and crispy so eat it. Forget about the cholesterol. Eat and be merry:P
Golden Roll
Dragon Roll
Love prawns and if you want a rich sinful taste to it then the Ebi Misomayo is a good one to order. The prawn is grilled and topped with a generous topping of miso and mayonnaise. 
The Japanese believe that the unagi is a good food to eat during hot summers to cool down and to nourish the body. In Malaysia, its pretty much a hot "summer" almost all year long so the Unagi Kabayaki made a good dish. I loved it since it was quite a generously think slice of ell grilled to perfection. Many places stinge and serve it a lil too think for my liking. 
Carnivores must order the Gyu Misoyaki. Thinly sliced beef with a miso sauce for you to dip before its cooked on a hit plate. Its rather fun to cook it and eat it while its piping hot. You can choose to cook it yourself of have one of the waiters to cook it for you. If you love your meat medium rare or rare, it only needs less that 15 seconds to cook.
Red meat galore!
Dip the meat into the bowl of sauce and then cook it to your preferred doneness.
Another carnivorous must have is the Teriyaki Steak with Garlic. This grilled beef with teriyaki sauce is good for those who want a thicker bite than the Gyu Misoyaki or are lazy to wait for the Gyu Misoyaki to cook.
I've not tasted tuna deep fried and I certainly had no complains when Crunchy Tuna arrived. It was a new experience for me. A mix of minced tuna with chopped garlic deep fried but the tuna inside was basically still soft and topped with flying fish roe and spring onion. Good enough to be eaten on its own though if you like it a little "wet", you can dip it into the chili mayonnaise dip.
I wanted the grilled salmon cheek but it was sold out. So we had the Hamashi Kama Shio which was equally delightful. Yellow tailed cheek grilled with salt. You can also choose to have tis in teriyaki sauce though salt has always been my preference for grilled fish heads.
I've been having quite a bit of mentai with my previous 2 days of Japanese food and it continues in the form of a very tasty Salmon Mentaiyaki  i.e. grilled salmon with cod roe. Enjoy the richness of the savoury roe over the lightly grilled salmon. Flaky flesh inside goes well with the mentai though I certainly wouldn't mind having a little more mentai in a bowl for us to dip into it.
Salmon continues in the form of Salmon Cha Soba. This dish was a safe dish and its didn't exactly tickle my taste buds perhaps because I wasn't much of a soba fan to start with. Hehehe.
I can never resist a good plate of chahan. And the Kani Ikura Chahan was one of the most delughtful fried rice I have had for sometime. It had good "wok hei" and when you mix the rice with the crab meat and salmon roe, this was a luxurious fried rice. Bite into the salmon roe and the fried rice takes on a sexy twist. Two thumbs up and may I borrow your thumbs too because I think this deserves many thumbs up.
Where's the raw stuff? Hold your horses. I like my raw food to come in when I am done with lining my tummy with some cooked stuff. In a group and when you're not sitting at the sushi conveyor belt can get tricky if no one can decide what they want to eat. So we take the sashimi and sushi platters. to feed the troopers:D

The Biei has 5 kinds of sashimi cuts to it. Every piece is fresh and served cold. This Biei hastoro, amaebi, nama hotate, butterfish and salmon. All tasted good and my fave is of course the nama hotate because I love scallop in every form. 
The Kirishima has 18 pieces of different sushi on it. It includes tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, scallop, salmon, sweet beancurd, crab meat with flying fish roe,  sweet prawn, omelette, scallop innards and yellow tail. Its quite a big plate but when talking and drinking, food just disappears from the table real fast.
And we also had the Shirane 14 pieces - tuna, yellow tail, sweet shrimp, squid, eel, smelt roe, omellete, tuna salad and salmon maki. No complains of the thickness of the topping cuts, They were decent.
And we had quite a few cats that night so the Salmon Sashimi was a must. The folks kinda hit a food coma otherwise I would have loved to have some Maguro too.
Never end a meal without dessert. And Sushi Tei is in the midst of putting in some really good ice cream onto their menu. We had a sneak peak and my 2 fave flavours were the black sesame and green tea. It was rich, creamy and most importantly, it wasn't too sweet for my personal preference.
Klang and Shah Alam folks you have Sushi Tei in your part of the world so no excuse not to check it out because of distance:
• Sushi Tei
UG21 Setia City Mall, 
Setia Alam Shah Alam
T: +603 5879 6108

Other outlets:
• Tropicana City Mall
• Gardens Mid Valley
• Pavilion KL
• Gurney Plaza, Penang
• Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

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