What's up Raya 2012?

Days passes by rather quickly and in a  few days time the Ramadhan month ends. The festivities return and its time to celebrate. And since we're in Malaysia, I think the celebration is pretty much for all of us.  

For my Muslim pals, this is perhaps one of the most joyous celebrations in the calendar. Bags are packed if one is travelling out station or if based locally, the house is set up into a Raya festive mood. And for us none Muslims, some of us probably have our bags packed me. I've packed my bags for a lil trip outside KL and lil buah tangans packed when I swing by to savour the Raya yummies at my Muslim pals homes. 
Indeed this us one joyous season of gathering with friends and family regardless of faith, race or belief.
Here's some stuff that you and I can do to spice up the festive mood:
Tip #1: Remember the less fortunate
Share the festive joy by visiting the old folks, orphans or the less abled people. This is something that we all do all year long but of you do visit during the festivities, the sharing of a meal or a new pair of clothes will be a nice gesture. For some homes, a monetary donation will be good. Its best that you ask the home Administrator what is best.
Tip #2: Sing a song... share a song...listen to a song
Music is an amazing tool. It gets us into the mood whether to relax or to hype us up. This season, let music set the mood too. For the Muslim, choose for spiritual tune ors Raya songs. And for the rest of us, Raya songs are awesome. Who hasn't caught himself singing to the tune "Balik kampung....OH OH balik kampung?" And if you're a Celcom subscriber check out Musicube for a selection of amazing Raya songs.
Tip #3: Tolerance
Muslim pals will throng the local mosques to pray and help out. Traffic can be a bitch but be kind or patient. The same happens during CNY, Deepavali or Christmas as the temples and churches. Its a festive season so let's live with the extra double parking and all (Though realistically I think our town planning folks need to look into proper parking systems around worship spots).
Tip #4: Try something new
This Raya how about making something on your own instead of buying. Its not so much the money part but a personal touch is always good. Bake some cookies, make a card, arrange a floral arrangement
This season is the perfect time for you to learn new things and perhaps discover a new talent along the way. Check out more new ideas and lifestyle tips when you subscribe to Lifecube.
Bake a cookie this Raya?
Tip #5: Strengthen the Bond with Your Pals
Life is not just on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter because some folks just don't like it or if you want more, then check out Frencube to make more friends. Life is never boring when you are connected with all your pals.
Tip #6: Listen Listen Listen
For all Muslims, this is a holy month. The zikirs will keep your mind peaceful and help you reflect on matters. And come the joyous Raya celebration, tune in to the joyous Raya songs to set te mood. Tune in to Cube Radio for content that will make you smile this season.
Tip #7: Express Your Love
Its a joyous Raya time. Send a message of love to your friends and family. Send them to your colleagues, your neighbours or your ex course mate. Send Fun Talk messages, Fun Talk Dedications and Voice Pokes to show your love!
Tip #8: Get on The Cube
I am Chinese so I shall end the tips on an auspicious number 8:P Its pretty easy to follow all the tips I mentioned. And if you're on The Cube, you're gonna have lots of fun this Ramadhan and Raya. Check out
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