AVON Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipsticks

Other than the eyes, the lips are probably the most looked at feature on one's face. And its certainly attractive when a smile is coupled with a pretty lip colour or at least a smooth lip. Let me introduce you to Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick from Avon which promises the brilliance of pearls in our lips - the latest lipstick in my collection of cosmetics:D

The afternoon kicks off with a beach theme even at the point of registration. So I came in a white of my fave beach dresses:D Had fun taking pics with the girls.
Done with pics and we enter the ballroom. Lovely lil round tables with beautiful palates of colours waiting for us to play. Stil, something was missing. 
These colour palettes were for us to try out:D
It was just a short wait and shortly the AVON's new range of lipsticks were unveiled. The Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick were unveiled. The folks at AVON have created a luxurious and creamy lipstick that is infused with prismatic pearl pigments for a unique, rich coverage. This allows the colour worn to shine in any angles seen. 
These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor made for you. Best of all, it gives up to 125% more shine than your normal Ultra Color Rich lipsticks! 

I used it during the Hennessy Artistry Party last weekend. Applied 2 layers without any brush. It pretty much stayed on and a simple reapplication was only necessary halfway through the party. What impressed me was that it was easy to apply and I have to admit I loved the moisturizing effect. There wasn't any need for me to pre apply some lip balm before I applied the Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance lipstick. My choice of colour of course isn't bright red...never had the guts nor do I think bright red matches my yellowish skin tone.
THANX Henry for this pic:D
 This is the Sienna Sparkle F402.
Choose your fave shade or shades. At RM27.90 (East Malaysia RM32.10), the dazzling colours are certainly value for money lippies. 8 glorious shades to choose from Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise.
There's a shade for everyone whether you love a sexy red or a slightly natural lip tone.
The Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance lipsticks are available at AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide or from your local Avon Dealer. For inquiries contact AVON:
• toll-free 1-800-22-AVON (2866)

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Bila menenung muka rakan, biasanya tumpuan di mata dan diikuti dengan bibir. Dan pastinya menarik jika bibir dan senyuman manis ditemani warna yang anggun. dengan warna yang ditambah dengan warna bibir yang cantik atau sekurang-kurangnya bibir lancar. Di pos ini, saya akan memperkenalkan Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick terbaru dari AVON.

Sebelum kita berkenalan dengan gincu Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance, AVON menyediakan satu set yang bertema pantai untuk kami bergambar. Memang menyeronokkan dapat bergambar dengan rakan-rakan yang menghadiri acara ini.

Gincu Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance dihasilkan dengan menggabungkan teknologi terkini dengan trend fesyen terulung untuk menghasilkan gincu mewah yang berinovatif. Gincu berkrim mewahini diadunakan denganpigmen ala mutiara berprismatik untuk memberikan kilauan unik dan mewah. Dikatakan juga warnanya bersinar anggun dari apa jua sudut ia dipandang.

Prisma mutiara ini juga akan memadan dengan warna dasar kulit, seolah warna tersebut dicipta khas untuk kita!  Paling hebat, ia mempunyai 125% lebih kilauan dari Ultra Color Rich Lipstick biasa!

Dalam gambar di atas, saya menggunakan warna Sienna Sparkle F402. Saya menggunakan warna ini 2 lapisan ketika saya menghadiri parti Hennesy Artistry. Saya tidak perlu mengunakan lip balm sebelum menyapukan gincu Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance. Bibir terasa lembut dan warnanya boleh tahan selama 3 jam walaupun ada minum.

Pilihlah dari 8 warna menawan ~ Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise. Pada harga RM27.90 (Malaysia Timur RM32.10) dan kualitinya, ia memang berbaloi untuk dibeli.

Dapatkan gincu Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance di Butik Kecantikan AVON di seluruh negara atau wakil AVON terdekat. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi AVON:

• talian bebas 1-800-22-AVON (2866)

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