Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar

 There isn't many dedicated Mexican eateries in KL other than Loco. Sorry but just because one serves enchiladas or quesadillas, it does not make you Mexican. This review of Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar is long overdue but it just hasn't been possible when 
• every visit has been a hit and miss especially with the cocktails
• and there's quite some interesting items that's very interesting considering there aren't many Mexican eateries.
So here's a summary of the visits.

Tortilla Chips is an addictive nibble while waiting for your meal or party to assemble. Choose your choice dips. We had the Tortilla Chips with Guacamole @RM20 and its a must have if you love guacamole which I personally can never overdose on it.

Nachos Grande @ RM27 is another good nibble of tortilla chips topped with refried beans, Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeno, ground beef and sour cream. Makes a great snack if you intend to chill at Fresca over some drinks.
The great thing about Mexican is you can actually get filled with a few appetizers. Order a few types for sharing and you'll be contentedly filled. 

I love the Jalapeno Poppers @ RM16. Its definitely the spiciness of Jalapenos that woes me. Its a wholesome satisfying dish since its stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and minced beef.
Mushroom lovers rejoice and celebrate with the Hongos Rellenos Con Crema @ RM18. Each Portobelo mushrooms is stuffed with peppers, beef bacon, mozzarella cheese and baked in a tequila cream sauce.
More mushroom goodness is in the form of Chile Rellenos @ RM30 where the Poblano Chile is  stuffed with mushroom risotto and mozzarella cheese. The Poblano resembles a green pepper but is more fragrant and does not have the "funny green smell" that is associated with green peppers.
A little similar to our popiah is Tacos Ensenada @ RM19 is almost a meal on its own if you're a small eater. Flour tortillas are filled with beer battered fish and topped with homemade coleslaw. 

Another fave that I will recommend at Fresca would be the Camarones al Ajillo @ RM24. Succulent Tiger prawns are sautéed with fragrant Guajillo Chiles and garlic. Finger licking good and you eat it by wrapping it in a flour tortilla. Order more tortillas to soak up the oil!
Flavourful and succulent Tiger prawns.
Place prawns and gravy (oil) on flour tortilla
Roll up and noms!
At all visits, we were recommended the Quesadillas with Spinach, Mushroom and Feta @ RM27. This Mexican pizza makes a good accompaniment to your drinks.
I highly recommend the soups at Fresca if you want something hearty and conforting. If you prefer something light then the Sopa de Fideo @ RM15 is a simple chicken tomato based soup with angel hair noodles. 
A full flavoured Sopa de Mariscos @ RM30 is a seafood soup in an Ancho Chile flavored broth. Reich and hearty, this is a satisfying soup bearing the sweetness of fresh seafood. Eat on it own or perhaps order some flour tortillas to soak up the goodness if you're making this a one bowl meal on your own for lunch or dinner.
Somehow the mains at Fresca didn't quite hit the note with me though some of my dinner company did enjoy them. On all occasions I had the Costilla Asada @ RM43. Short ribs are slow braised in a homemade sauce resulting in an off the bone tenderness. Twice it was a tad dry for my liking and on the 3rd visit it was all good, tender and juicy. Teething problems in some visits perhaps? Each is served with a heavenly and creamy mashed potatoes with sautéed vegetables.
The Mixed Fajitas Mixed @ RM41 is a sizzling plate of chicken and beef tenderloin, bell peppers and onions. Its served with guacamole, pico de gallo and cream sauce. Personally, I would just opt for the beef tenderloin @ RM45 since I prefer beef over chicken.
The sizzling plate with meats of your choice.
Lovely dips of guacamole, pico de gallo and cream sauce
Mix them all onto a flour tortilla and noms!
On one of my visits, one dining companion mentioned that he is a Chinese and must have rice with every meal. So if you have such dining companion, then there are some Mexican rice options too.

I am informed that the Pollo Con Molle @ RM26 is a unique dish with chocolates. Yes! Apparently this dish comes from Puebla, Mexico. The chicken is cooked with chocolate, nuts, chiles and fruits and served with Mexican white rice. Honestly, I didn't taste any chocolate. Perhaps I have had too much cocktails? Let me know your thoughts if you have tasted this dish.
Love fish with your rice? Then you can opt for Pescado Mojo de Ajo @RM42. Fish is lightly panfried in a fragrant butter sauce, topped with chunky pieces of roasted garlic and served with Mexican rice and mixed salad.
Beef and rice comes in the form of Carne Asada a la Tampiquena @ RM 54. Grilled tenderloin is served with Mexican red rice, enchiladas verdes and refried beans. 
I must say that the desserts in Fresca certainly rocks! A must for any dessert lovers. 

The Fresca Trio @ RM20 consist of a freshly baked chocolate fondant, brandy glazed banana and a scoop of homemade nougat ice cream. A play of hot and cold. Do allow the kitchen approximately 15 to 20 minutes to whip out this dish.
If you have had a lil too much to eat and still yearn dessert then the Tequi Lime Pie @ RM15 is recommend. A creamy and refreshing Mexican cheesecake scented with a swig of tequila and lime. 
A delightful end to any Mexican meal is the traditional Mexican creme caramel Flan de la Casa @ RM14. Finish the delightful dessert with the shot of soda, syrup and blueberry.
How can one not have churros at a Mexican eatery? The Churros con Chocolat @ RM13 is addictive and a hit with donut and chocolate lovers. Each piece of Mexican donuts is rolled in alluring cinnamon and sugar. Its good to be eaten on its own but it certainly taste better when dipped into the chocolate sauce.
Best eaten warm.
A dip in the chocolate is match made in heaven
Fresca boast of an extensive drink list of both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Check out their offers on the blackboard at the entrance. Having visited a few times, I must say that as much as I enjoyed most of the cocktails, I only wish that Fresca is consistent in its cocktails.
Let's start with my fave of the list and the best cocktail goes to the Jalapeño Margarita. Available on the rocks and frozen, I prefer the latter for its spicy potency. Order 1 Grande @ RM35 and you get one glass free worth RM23. Nothing wrong with a classic Margarita too:P
Have a classic frozen margarita if you like classics.
The frozen Jalapeno margarita
Jalapeno margarita on the rocks
Another fave that I think I must have had close to 6 servings is the Midnight Flight to Mexico @ RM26. An exotic cocktail of Amaretto, fresh lime and cinnamon. 
I love starting on heavier cocktails and the Incognito in Mexico made with Reposado Tequila, beer, cranberry juice and orange juice is a good balance of juices and "poison".
The Electric Blue Margarita @ RM23 (glass) or RM35 (Grande) is a pretty Margarita. A mix of 1800 Anejo, Blue Curacao and fresh lime juice, this is a must for Blue Curacau and Anejo lovers.
Order the fruity margaritas is you want something light and easy. The Raspberry Margaritas @ RM35 (grande) is highly recommended. Prefer them frozen:D
For a refreshing cocktail, the Lychee Lemongrass Libation @ RM26 is a must. A concoction of Gin, fresh lime, muddled lychee and lemongrass which makes it as easy drink. So easy that I remember someone having too many glasses:P
Want something sweet and easy? Then the Fresca Colada @ RM26 is an option. A blend of Rum, Malibu, coconut cream, pineapple juice and banana fruit. Another sweet poison will be the Tiramisu e Giu @ RM26 made of Whisky, Kahlua, Hazelnut, Milk and Choco Sprinkle. 
Fresca Colada
Tiramisu e Giu 
The Elderflower Affair @ RM26 is a citrusy mix of Reposado Tequila, Campari, elderflower essence, fresh lime and grapefruit. Yummy if you love grapefruits.
Fresca Sangria are available in 3 sizes. RM23 for a glass, RM35 for a Grande or RM78 for a pitcher. Its a refreshing red wine cooler made with overnight marinated fruits, cognac and cointreau. Available only on the rocks, I do wish that Fresca serves them frozen or blended like how Italian Tomato does it (read my post on Italian Tomato here)
For your Mexican fix, head on over:
Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar
G-242A Ground Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 22012893
#Landmark - opposite The Han Room
A dark cozy feel to Fresca.
A nice spot to unwind and watch the sunset is by the window. This pic was at 7pm.

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Tidak banyak restoran Mexico di Kuala Lumpur selain dari Loco. Semata-mata menghidangkan enchiladas atau quesadillas itu tidak betul kalau dipanggil restoran ala Mexico kerana masakan Mexico agak banyak. Blog BM ini hanya akan menghuraikan tentang makanan di Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar. Kalau ingin membaca mengenai hidnagan cocktail (bolehlah bacanya di atas dalam bahagian Ingeris). Kalau makan di Fresca janganlah khuatir kerana ada jugak minuman yang halal temasuk minuman panas, juice dan smoothie.

Kalau hanya berbual dengan rakan-rakan atau menanti mereka semua sampai, 2 appetizer yang sedap ialah Tortilla Chips with Guacamole RM20 yang berkhasiat terutamanya guacamole yang dipbuat dengan avokado. Nachos Grande RM27 juga sesuai sebagai appetizer. Ianya satu hidangan yang agak besar (sukar untuk dihabiskan kalau tidak berkongsi). Nachos dihidangkan dengan refried beans, keju Monterey Jack, Jalapeno, daging lembu dan sour cream (krim masam).

Masakan Mexico yang dihidangkan di Fresca agak menarik kerana saiz hidangan tidak terlalu besar. Oleh itu bolehlah pesan beberapa jenis untuk dikongsi.

Jalapeno Poppers RM16 sungguh enak. Setiap cili Jalapeno diisi dengan keju Monterey Jack dan daging cincang. Crema Hongos Con Rellenos RM18 pula ialah cendawan Portobelo yang disumbat dengan lada, daging lembu daging, keju mozzarella dan dimasak dalam sos krim tequila.

Chile Rellenos RM30 adalah cili Poblano yang disumbat dengan risotto cendawan dan keju mozzarella. Poblano menyerupai lada hijau tetapi adalah lebih wangi dan tidak mempunyai "bau hijau".

Tacos Ensenada RM19 hampir sama dengan popiah. Ia diisi dengan dengan ikan yang disaluti beer flour dan salad coleslaw.

Hidangan yang saya paling sukai ialah Camarones al Ajillo RM24. Udang dimasak dengan cili Guajillo  dan bawang putih. Ia dihidangkan dengan flour Tortilla. cara makan sungguh senan seperti membuat popiah. Gulai udang ini sedap dan sayang kalau tidak dihabiskan.

Pizza Mexico juga dikenali sebagai Quesadillas. Pesanan Quesadillas with Spinach, Mushroom and Feta RM27 diisi dengan bayam, cendawan dan keju feta.

Hidangan sup di Fresca disyorkan. Sopa de Fideo  RM15 adalah sup ayam mudah dengan dengan angel hair pasta dan supnya berasaskan bes tomato. Sopa de Mariscos RM30 adalah sup makanan laut . sup ini sangat full flavoured kerana menggunakan makanan laut yang segar.

Ramai rakan-rakan saya sungguh suka dengan Costilla Asada RM43. Ianya short ribs yang dimasak selama 3 jam dalam resipi sos Fresca supaya dagingnya lembut dan dihidangkan dengan mash potato yang sungguh licin dan enak.

Mixed Fajitas RM41 adalah hidangan daging tenderloin dan ayam bersama bell peppers dan bawang.  Dihidangkan dengan guacamole, Pico de Gallo, sos krim dan tortila. Awak juga boleh memesan hidangan fajitas tenderloin RM45 sahaja kalau lebih suka dengan daging lembu.

Kalau suka makan nasi, Fresca juga ada menghidangkan nasi. Beras Mexico digunakan.

Saya dimaklumkan bahawa Pollo Con Molle RM26 adalah hidangan yang unik dengan coklat. Hidangan ini berasal dari Puebla, Mexico. Ayam yang dimasak dengan coklat, kacang, cili dan buah-buahan dan dihidangkan dengan nasi putih Mexico. Rasanya biasa sahaja dan saya tidak terasa coklat.

Pescado Mojo de Ajo RM42 ialah ikan yang digoreng dalam butter sauce (sos mentega wangi) dan bawang putih. Ia dihidangkan dengan nasi Mexico dan salad campuran.

Carne Asada a la Tampiquena RM 54 ialah tenderloin panggang yang dihidangkan dengan nasi merah Mexico, enchiladas verdes and refried beans.

Pencuci mulut di Fresca bagus sekali dan tidak harus dilepaskan. Namun demikian saya tidak pasti sama ada hidangan pencuci mulut yang dimasak dengan alkohol seperti brandi dan tequilla boleh dianggap halal.

The Trio Fresca RM20 terdiri daripada fondant coklat, pisang dimasak dengan brandi dan ais krim nougat. dapur memerlukan masa 20 minit untuk menghidangkan pencuci mulut ini kerana kek fondant hanya dibuat apabila dipesan.

Tequi Lime Pie RM15 adalah kek keju berkrim Mexico dan sungguh menyegarkan apabila terlebih makan. Ini mungkin kerana is terasa masam sedikit dengan adanya tequila dan limau.

Satu hidangan pencuci mulut tradisional Mexico ialah Mexican creme caramel Flan de la Casa RM14 yang manis dan berkrim. Apabila habis makan puding karamel ini, mestilah minum air soda yang dicampur dengan sirap dan blueberry.

Kalau makan di restoran Mexico, tentunya mesti makan Churros. Churros con Chocolat RM13 adalah donat Mexico yang silauti kayu manis dan gula dan paling enak bila dimakan ketika panas. Ia juga bertambah enak jika dicelup dalam sos coklat.

Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar
G-242A Ground Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 22012893

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