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Peter Barry, the second son of Jim Barry tells me "No wine, no party". I interpret it not so much of having a party every night. Rather I am thinking that its a gorgeous idea and practice to end each day with a good wine to unwind from the day. Let's call it a party to celebrate the end of the day? And what better way than to have a glass of wine to celebrate and savour plus the well documented benefits of wine for a healthier you. Of course one is to drink in moderation!

Now let's talk wines. It was a pleasant late afternoon when I met Peter. We started with Jim Barry “The Lodge Hill” Dry Riesling 2010. Its worth noting that Lodge Hill produces some of the best Riesling in Clare Valley. This dry Riesling has a pretty straw colour to it and refreshing citrusy scent. It is intense, crisp and refreshing with hints of limes and oranges. 
The label's a tad wet since we chilled the bottle in an ice bucket.
A well chilled Riesling on a hot afternoon is always welcomed. Riesling pairs well with seafood such as tuna and trout. Because of its sugar and acidity, Rieslings are also perfect with Thai lime and ginger infused dishes and even our Asian roast pork and ducks!
I learnt from Peter Barry that Rieslings make a better marinade compared to red wines!
We move on to the "The Cover Drive" Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. Best taken at approximately 18C so we chilled the bottle for a while in the ice bucket to cool it down. I love the rich dark red. And true to its colour, it smells just as intense with hints of spices and berries. Although it is matured in oak barrels, it certainly does not have an oaky taste to it. Instead this medium bodied wine has a fine fruity taste to it which I can imagine to go rather well with some grilled lamb or steak.
The front picture is a cricket player and this is because this vineyard used to be a cricket ground. It was turned into a vineyard after it was rested for 3 years to remove the fertilizers etc.
The Lodge Hill is pretty much dedicated to Riesling as mentioned above. However in a lil hill of this vineyard is a warmer patch where the late Jim Barry decided that this warmer spot would be a good spot for Shiraz. We opened the “The Lodge Hill” Shiraz 2010. An interesting deep purple Shiraz which we found to be peppery spicy with hints of chocolates and berries. 
We check out another Shiraz and “The McRae Wood” Shiraz 2006 has a beautiful ruby red hue to it. Its a lovely easy Shiraz and has a creamy feel to it. I may be wrong but I was thinking that some blue cheese would have been brilliant with the subtly spicy Shiraz. With hints of cinnamon and sweet vanilla, I can also pretty much imagine this being a good accompaniment with a hearty stew?
 The husbter read this draft post and asked if the stew pairing had anything to do with the shepherd's illustration on the bottle label. LOL.
Say what you want, but I seriously love old fashion wine bottles that come with corks. Many wines have now turned to the screw cap for cost and quality but there's something nostalgic and magical with cork bottled wines. I love to have a good sniff at them and yes keep them too:D
Call me old fashion!
And the new cork added to my collection is "The Armagh"
Peter Barry quizzed if I knew what the name Armagh meant. With brutal honesty, I had to admit I had no idea. Apparently the name ‘Armagh’ was named by the original Irish settlers who arrived in Clare Valley to honour their homeland.

'The Armagh" Shiraz 2007 is perhaps my fave for the day. Rightfully saved to be the last wine for the evening. This Shiraz has a rich and elegant colour to it.  This is an intense and oaky Shiraz with a velvety berry finish. Taking a second sip, I detected an exotic touch of cinnamon. 
 I must add on that The Armagh won the Gold medal at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Event recently. 

Jim Barry wines are sold in good wine stores and if my memory is correct, Millesime (read my Gourmet Happy Hour post here) serves it too. For more info on Jim Barry wines:
Muihua Sdn Bhd (Distributor)
T: +603 6257 9608

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