Movie Review: Taken 2

Taken 2 starts with a funeral scene of the human traffickers that Mills killed in France. We are brought to Istanbul where Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) holidays with his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) and his ex-wife Lennie (Famke Janssen) after his assignment. The holidays is not exactly a holiday when Mills realised that he is being followed.

The rascals this time around are headed by Marko Hoxha's father. If you remember the previous film Taken, Marko is the bloke that was eletrocuted by Mills in France. A lil gruelsome but the description goes along the lines of being eletricuted till his heart exploded. Not surprising, this is another great reason for revenge!

We're taken through the busy streets of Istanbul and its colourful walks of life and seemingly connected lanes and shops. Lennie and Mills are captured by Murad. Its not your typical scene of Mills trying to fight the assassins off but a little trickier and fun with him instructing Kim on how to "rescue" him. Of course Mills fights and its interesting (well to me and Mei) to see Liam Neeson at age 60 still looking good and fighting the villains.
Tricks and skills of an ex CIA agent is seen pretty much through the movie. Not just Mills himself but even his daughter Kim is able to handle the instructions well enough to be perhaps an agent herself. I have to admit thatI got lost when Mills was instructing his daughter but perhaps I have just been too mesmerized by Liam Neeson:D
The same too when he instructed Lennie on her escape route back to the hotel. It was lots of turn left, right, straight etc etc that I personally felt its amazingly crazy and not being able to focus. Reckon the script writers probably went a wee too much on certain parts of the film. But its all good still since they too provided some interesting laughs with some humour embedded script.
Reckon the instructions must have been a tad to technical that resulted in Lennie being captured:P
Here's the trailler. Its worth a watch though I will add that I much prefer Taken to this. But its entertaining with good looking faces (and bods) to look at. Fast paced enough that I sat through the preview without looking at my watch nor my phone:D