Ouch! That Familiar Pinching Pain

Its mid week and that familiar pinching pain is back in my shoulders blades and neck returns. Its the mid week stress settling in. My cure? Head down to the hair salon for a hair wash and my shampoo girl does the best job of relieving those pressure nodes. However there are some days that a trip to the salon is sheer impossible:( 

Getting the hubster to give me a neck and shoulder massage is perhaps an option. But the poor boy is just as exhausted as I am. So its self service massage:D Much as I love mixing my own essential oil to give myself a lil rub, I actually hate the after oily feel especially when I am at work. 

Recently I received some Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub. In a glance this "potion" looks promising. After all, this is the Tiger Balm brand that I grew up using for insect bites and headaches. 
Squeezed a little onto my fingers and proceeded to give my neck and shoulder blades a slight rub. The smell was rather pleasant with a slight hint of lavender to calm the senses. No after oily feel. I like it! It certainly helped with my lil massage and having some cream certainly works better than direct skin massage. 
A lil rub to relief the knots and sores.
The 50g flat tube packaging is a good idea. I can easily pack it into my lil pouch of lipsticks, perfume and assorted knick knacks that I carry in my handbag:D
And on days that you need something stronger, Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Boost is your perfect companion. The stronger formula works harder for your aching or stiff neck and shoulders in the office, car or anywhere. Its your perfect buddy for a massage on the go wherever you are.
This Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Boost smells a little spicier too. Since the scent was a wee stronger, I preferred this for my home use especially before I sleep. It has a lovely warm feel that lulls me to sleep quite well when I am all buried under my comforter like a sushi:D

Interestingly, I noted that the Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder and Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Boost seem to be the only products in the market that cater specifically for neck and shoulder aches. Interesting eh? Learn more from:
• T: +603 7966 0763 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm)
Or go grab yours at most leading pharmacies now! 

2 cents of tips from yours truly:
PS: Sleeping immediately after a massage with the Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Boost gives me better sleep. I supposed its because I am more relaxed and coupled with nice warm fuzzy feel that relieves the aches.
PS 2: After a massage with the Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder it is a good idea to take have a little stretching session of a few seconds to maximise the mini massage. For me, its almost like having a mini Thai massage:D
PS 3: Take break from your computer every hour. Lil stretches or even a walk to the toilet or the pantry for a drink is good.
PS 4: Correct your posture. No slouchinglah! 
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