Restaurant Teochew Lao Er

 We passed by Restaurant Teochew Lao Er rather frequently (one of our KL backend traffic escape routes) and was always curious to check it out. One since I love Teochew dishes. Two because the name 老二 with my limited understanding of the Chinese language means the second child. 

When we mention Teochew food, there is surely porridge. Choose from the classic sweet potato porridge which I unfortunately have to avoid since my stomach does not quite agree with sweet potato. Or you can also have the plain white porridge since most Teochew dishes are very flavourful.
An all time fave for us is the Signature Fish Porridge RM12 (small). Dig into this porridge and its a treasure trove of fish, mussels, prawns, seawedd and dried scallops .
Sour Horseradish (RM4) is super appetizing. Spicy, tangy and the vegetables are cooked till soft. Its also nice and hearty with a rich duck flavour to it. This I think must be from the bones etc being used to cook the base.
The Teochew Red Stewed Duck (RM6) is certainly a must order. Tender and succulent meat. The gravy is absolutely yummy and went well with my white porridge.
I have a weak spot for pigs ears and happily ordered the Teochew Red Stewed Pig's Ear RM3 (S). We ordered a small serving and gosh it was a generous serving good for two. Since hubster does not eat it, I kinda overdosed myself by finishing the whole plate *burp*
And finally a fried fish called Xi Ding 西丁RM6. I have no idea what it was but since it came highly recommended, we settled for it. Fried till the skin was crispy but the flesh remained awesomely creamy!
Quite a bit of desserts to choose from but we had simple Chinese tongsui of Fungus with Longan Soup RM2.80 and Barley with Gingko Seed RM2.50. Both definitely had the homely touch to it and wasn't overly sweet.
Fungus with Longan Soup 
Barley with Gingko Seed
Love Teochew, then this is a must go. You get to dine in comfort too since its air conditioned both downstairs and upstairs.

Restaurant Teochew Lao Er
6 Jalan Brunei off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2141 5822

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