Sparkalite Sundays

Sundays are precious times for me. And I certainly wish I can have 2 Sundays each week making it 8 days in a week. There is always so much that I want to do on my own and of course with the family and pals. Being married, I am now technically talking about 2 sets of families i.e. my own family the Ang and the family that I have been imported into the Loo. Too often its hard to find a place that fits both places in terms of environment and food. The Sparkalite brunch in InterContinental Kuala Lumpur thus far seems to be the perfect spot thus far. 

Food is aplenty. And isn't that the feature in all buffets around town. Sparkalite made a difference because I think we hit it spot on for almost everyone at home except for my sister in law Girl who's on a special diet at the moment for her gall bladder condition....but that being said, there is still the salad bar that she can camp at minus the dressings:D
I'll like to leave the candy bar till last. But my troopers saw this and went "WOW! We have a Candy Station at that corner Jiu Ma (Uncle's wife in Mandarin)". Ahem...yeah I see lots of happy candies too kiddos!
The Japanese fare at Serena Brasserie never fails to amaze me. After all, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is the very hotel that runs Tatsu. Read my previous entries on Tatsu:
And these succulent fresh pieces of maguro put a huge smile on the hubster's face...and mine as well.
And my basket of oysters...
Pots of pastas with at least 4 styles of preparation. Can't go wrong for adults and kids especially on a Sunday.
The Loo family love their seafood. They don't settle for the regular seafood from the 
wet market...unless for emergency cases and that is perhaps only 10% of the time. They buy directly from the fishermen at the fishing villages. Mum and Pa had a look. And I saw a smile of approval from the both:D
Sorry but I just have to show the cold seafood again. I love cold Crayfish. I love oysters. Lost count of how many I ate when I returned with the family. 
Who can say no to a chunk of roast beef especially the men in the family? Fellow import player Eugene and my Daddy were all smiles...
See the pink juicy roast? Of course the men were happy!
OK...look at the juicy oysters and sashimis too on my plate:D
Cheese galore. Perfect since Sparkalite also has bubblies for us bubbly people:D
Hmmm... Pizza?  It sure comes in handy for the kids in the family.
Hot dishes which are definitely comforting for Sunday brunch.
Salads are always good. Have a take at the ready mixed ones if you're lazy to pick the sauces. The prawn and soba salad is amazingly good. The young niece loved it and asked for her second helping.
A whole round table of local offerings. No doubt both sets of the parens camped here quite a bit especially my fussy mummy. Food she said was similar to the yummy goodness that our Kakak whipped out in my Kluang hometown.
Peking duck is rarely seen at buffets. The folks at InterContinental did well to bring this dish out. I was raving about this after my night of champagne and canapes at Intercontinental in June this year and during Sparkalite's Sunday brunch, it was still as good. 
Soup menu changes weekly. The Carrot Soup is a comforting bowl of creamy carrot goodness. Pick your choice of freshly baked bread to go with your soup.
Rocky Road...Australia's fave desserts of nuts, chocolate and marshmallow
But the highlight of Sparkalite for me was the live station outside. A nice shaded walk along live action booths that smell irresistibly good. Be prepared for the stomach to growl quite a bit as you figure out what to eat. The simplest solution really is to eat something from every booth.
Pick your poison. Pick your choice of bubblies. Perfect for a Sunday brunch. 
Whatever your order, there's always a smiling face making it fresh before your eyes for you. Smiley faces make food even yummier:D
Comforting egg buddy for the young and old alike.
Fish and chips can't go wrong for most folks. a big dollop of tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon. Happy food for my 2 younger troopers. 

Our Sparkalite Sunday Brunch pretty much perfects the Sunday for the boy scouts and girl guides of the family. Actually even the adventurous members of our 2 families. It was a live grill action. For a change it was minus the hot work of grilling our own food. Your option of sausages, chicken, beef, lamb and seafood cooked to your preferred preference.
Choose what you want...
Sausages, lamb and beef galore for very carnivorous people in my family.
My choice of lamb and seafood.
Another interesting Sparkalite highlight is, kids are well taken care of. How often has it been when we're out with the kids and we can't sit down for a proper meal? For us it was Sparkalite to the rescue. While we adults feasted above, the kids were kept busy with food and lots of fun activities. Yes there is  also a movie screening complete with popcorn for the kids. 
Lovely cuppies to fuel the kids...
More lovely cuppies...though its so pretty, even I had to have a go at them. Sorry kiddos!
Sweet and tangy Apple Pops are amazingly yummy. They are also a good way to get kids to eat their apples to keep the doctor away. Even my picky trooper number 2 gave in to the Apple Pops and he generally does not eat apples!
Michael approves the yummy food!
One almost perfect lamington...

Young budding chefs at work assisted by real chefs in making lamingtons for them
to eat (and take home).
My 3 troopers having a gala time making quite a mess from their lamington activity.
Balloons for our lil girls. Emily is my lil darling while Emily is Adam and Wendy's lovely niece.
Colouring activities for younger kids
Artists at work whipping out caricatures of the kids (and adults)
And the candy all loved them. They pretty much helped themselves to whatever gummies, jelly beans, chocolate sand lollies they wanted.
Sparkalite for old and young. That's your place for a relaxing Sunday brunch with families and friends. Available every Sunday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The Buffet Brunch is priced at RM 120++ per person while the Sparkalite Sunday Brunch is priced at RM198++ per person (brunch + free flow sparkling, white and red Wines and beer) Children aged 6 – 12 @ RM60++ is the rate per head.

Serena Brasserie
InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur 
T:  +603 2782 6228
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Velvety Layers

Not much of a dessert person but I never say no to Mille Crêpes. As easy as some say its easy to make, I tried making it before and I nearly pulled my hair out. Its too much patience and skills required! The pan must be hot enough, the batter must be thin enough otherwise it will feel like eating pancakes! You need to be skilled or fast enough with tilting the pan for the batter to coat the pan evenly. And of course the patience of making at least 20 perfect crêpes for one Mille Crêpe. Oh! And the patience and skills again for spread the cream evenly and thinly. Too much work for me!

Places like Velvety Layers are my lifesavers. The fun of eating Mille Crêpes minus the hard work in the kitchen is welcomed with open arms. Newly opened in IOI Mall, Puchong a week ago, this is a good reason for me to visit IOI Mall, something which I rarely do unless a site visit is required for work purposes.

Didn't know that they have a Combo Meal promotion. We reckoned it is probably one of teh better ones in town. RM10.90 for your choice of pasta and drink. A good deal since the pasta is your reggular serving slice. The unexpected part was the drinks meant you can choose from Dilmah's Execptional range, Lavazza coffee and soft drinks. I seriously thought it was a joke when we were told the price.
This Dilmah Exceptional Peppermint and English Toffee to help me ease my heartburn blues that plaqued me over the weekend.
Quite a selection of pastas and sauces to choose from. Its all about having fun with your food so no worries even if your mix and match sounds unconventional:D
My obvious choice of Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Amazingly they asked how I preferred my pasta. I said al dente. Came out al dente...I am impressed! This aglio olio was tasty. Oily enough but not soggy oily if you know what I mean. And spiced with their own Velvety Layer's magic chili mix. I wished it was spicier though...
and my wish was granted with a whole bowl of that magic chili.
Proven to be al dente again as per Mei's order is the Penne Seafood Carbonara. Creamy rich sauce envelopes every penne. And the best thing of this dish was the sauce also filled the hollows of the penne pasta. Every bite was squirts of cabonara goodness.
Because it was so good, we ordered one more plate of the Penne Seafood Carbonara to be shared between the hubster and I.
Fettuccini Beef Bolognaise was OK. We would have loved it more if it had more tomato puree to it.
Being unconventional and Josen has the Macaroni Chicken Aglio Olio. 
We also tasted the Thai Crispy Chicken (minus pasta since we wanted to save room for dessert). As the name suggested, its crispy chicken with Thai sauce. A tad sweet but it comes from the sweet ripe pineapple used. Quite appetizing nevertheless.
And desserts is of course Mille Crêpes. At RM9.90 per slice, some may find it a tad small but its worth the price. 
I tasted the Vanilla Temptation some months back at a pool session with some good pals. Yes, Velvety Layers has delivery services too! Lush and the goodness of real vanilla beans used in the cream. Every bite is absolutely decadent!
Blueberry Peanut Butter is yummy though it could do with more peanut butter kick to it but that was merely my thoughts since the hubster said it was fine and reminded me that I am a "peanut butter monster". This Mille Crêpe gave me a happy feel as it reminded me of my fave childhood 
Gobber Peanut Butter and Jelly spread that I will run through a bottle in 2 days if my mum didn't 
keep an eye on me.
Enjoy the goodness of Oreo in every bite of this Milky Oreo.
The healthiest of all the Mille Crêpes is probably the Yoghurt Raspberry. Berrily good with a tinge of yogurt tanginess.

We're technically quite filled. However this Zenberi whole bar of ice cream was too irresistible. I needed that ice cream fix on a rainy Sunday night:D
Inky Pinky Ponky, Father bought a donkey. Donkey died, Father cried. Inky Pinky Ponky
And the choice is a refreshing Kedondong RM7.90 per scoop with lil bits of asam. A must have if you love the yumminess of iced kedondong.

And for a change, how about celebrating the next birthday with a Mille Crêpes instead of a regular cake? We had one for my sister's birthday over the week. 
• Small (500g +/-, about 5" diameter) RM55
• Regular (1kg +/-, about 9" diameter) RM75
• Large (1.5kg +/-, about 10" diameter) RM95
• Additional selected toppings RM10
Delivery charges apply:
• Anywhere in Klang Valley, Klang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya @ flat rate RM15
• FREE delivery within Bandar Kinrara and IOI Mall radius
• Self collection available at Velvety Layers, IOI Mall Puchong and Zenberi, Tropicana City Mall.
• Cooler bag RM5.00
• Fancy Candles RM5.00

Velvety Layers
Ground Floor
IOI Mall Puchong
T: +6016 344 0880
Landmark: Opposite King's Confectionary, 7-11 and McDonald's

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