Day 2 at The Royale Aryani

After the most satisfying Day 1 at The Royale Aryani (Weekend Getaway: The Royale Aryani dated 14 October 2012), I was looking forward to Day 2. Told myself that I must at least capture the sunrise in case Day 3 turns rainy (as all my holidays at beaches seems to be...)

Woke up at 6am. Its all dark and I had a nice time walking to the beach fumbling in the dark. Forgot that my phones all had a torchlight function. LOL! Waited patiently for the sun to show up...and it had to be semi cloudy. So here's just some snippets of the pics. Full sets of pics is in my FB album.
love the blue skies with a tinge of orange...
a little more sun...
more sun...sadly the absence of a salted egg yolk sunrise:(
Its hungry work waiting for the sun to rise. Though the hubster thinks its because I have been running up and down the beach looking for dunno what. Which he is not wrong. I do remember walking and running between the sea and where my camera was sitting...not searching for anything but merely to play water and also to make sure I had my pics:D

So its breakfast time and you can choose from a simple buffet at Serai Restaurant. Nothing fancy but delish enough to fill your tummy from a selection of local and Western. 
I love playing with my food...
Roti canai goes well with baked beans and sausages:D
And tummy filled, its time to play water and say hello to the sun. Opt for the pool or the beach...I pretty much camped at the beach and wished that Pulau Beach House was back in action for me to have my supplies of drinks and food. Still, it wasn't too tough to walk back to Serai Restaurant for our food.
When I grow up I wanna be a beach bum!
The pool is a nice option too...
In between, the call for the spa is of course a must. Pop by to Heritage Spa. Had a nice scrub with some natural herbs and coconuts milk. Was a bliss to be scrubbed by someone else...and of course followed with an hour worth of traditional massage to unknot my body.
A traditional scrub of herbs and coconut milk followed with a good massage...
The hubster had his fairshare of pampering. The men have their massages downstairs.
Not sure why I didn't opt for an outdoor massage or an outdoor soak at the spa.... I remember why...coz I have an outdoor bathtub in my room:D
I pretty much stayed within the resort grounds...very contented that I coud just pick a book and read in my own room or even in the garden. And as mentioned in my previous post, food is reasonably good at the resort. The staple snack for me during my stay were the awesome keropok lekor and of course my hurrayday must have junk food Mamee!
All time fave junk food 
More lekor goodness in Day 2
Some quiet time under the tree
When I am not going sugar high playing with my imaginary monsters friends at the beach >.<
Yochana joined me at the beach too...
Plucking fruits at the resort grounds...hehehe
Some memorable dishes that I would recommend at The Royale Aryani includes the Ramayana Indian Mee, Raja's Stuffed Crab and also the Soto Ayam Majapahit.
Raja's Stuffed where's the crab?
 Here! Under the bed of fluffy egg white.
Ramayana's Indian Mee is a lovely fried noodle. Wet but not oily. Generously flavoured with meat and spices.
The Johorean in me approves the Soto Ayam Majapahit. Superbly rich in spices and warms the tummy well! Generous pieces of chicken with nasi himpit or also known as ketupat.

The Royale Aryani Resort is a simple place. It is rustic not rusty and  I think with the ongoing restoration work going on, surely the place will be a gem real soon. I must add on that the staff that we met during our stay have been awesome especially Adi who works at Serai Restaurant. He has been good at sharing with me a little about the resort and the intricacies of the whole architecture. Will I return to The Royale Aryani? Of course yes!

The Royale Aryani Resort
Jalan Rhu Tapai – Merang
For booking and inquiries, please contact the following below:-
T: +609 653 2111 / 1003 / 1006 / 2004 / 2005

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