Frankenweenie 2012

A Tim Burton movie. And like the title suggest, a comedy-horror themed movie. What's different is it's the first 3D stop motion model feature film. 

That alone will mean it's not your typical conventional popcorn movie. As in all previous movies directed by Tim Burton (or produced by), there are always loveable characters that seemed loony goth or unconventional. In today's entertainment filmdom, often clouded with super slick CGI animations, Tim Burton together with Disney presents a superb stop motion animation filmed and presented in rich black and white to the silver screen.

Stop motion puppeteering animation these days is often regarded as has been, or unable to match the attractiveness or slicker CGI's for those brought up to the fare of James Cameron and Michael Bay's world. I love classics and there is always room for me to enjoy the stop-mo films. What more when its a Tim Burtons' good job.

Frankenweenie tells of a relationship between a young school kid, Victor Frankenstein and his loveable dog, Sparky in the little town called New Holland. The young boy is an amateur film enthusiast. A  little budding scientist himself and with the rest of his classmates were enthralled by a science experiment by their eccentric science teacher, Mr. Rzykruski. (Delightfully voiced by Martin Landau). A little experiment to show the effect of electricity on dead frogs which would later become the idea to Victor Frankenstein. 

Victor has little to no friends and often keeps to himself up in the attic of his home with Sparky which draws some concern of his parents Edward and Susan Frankenstein. In a chain of events, the loveable Sparky dies. Budding scientist Victor uses his new knowledge to reanimate his beloved pet. 
What happens thereafter is a night long of adventure for the citizens of New Holland. For me, this begins the delightful and main attraction of Frankenweenie is the references to old horror classics. From giant Turtle named Shelley (Mary Shelley Frankenstein), the Gremlins, Igor of The Hunchback of Notre Dame fame and Mr. Rzykruski (great horror icon Vincent Price). Who else do you recognise?

The puppets, the props were painted in Black & White. To watch this in today's digital technology was a pretty satisfying for me. People always wonder why many photographic enthusiast loves Black and White Photos, It's pretty much seeing the character of the story without bombarded with chunks overabundances rainbow surroundings.   

While the overall monochromed finishing of the movie was sublime. I think real movie enthusiast who love films especially old nior films may find joy in this Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.   
Frankenweenie opens in Malaysian cinema in 25th October 2012 and I recommend this as one of your October must watch movies.
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