Let's Get Cheesy!

An invite arrived to check out the Cheesy 7 which apparently is making a return. I must confess that its been years that I ate in Pizza Hut or anything from them. So the visit last week turned out to be a surprise that changed a fair bit of my perception of Pizza Hut. A combination of ambience, the food and of course the bunch of friends made it a wonderful experience that warrants future return visits.

The door gift said Red Carpet Party. And I had a feeling that we were in for some fun times...
And true to it, upon sign in, some fun starts with us Twitter and Blogger kakis busy tweeting and Instagramming our stuff...
A test of your eye you spot me?
Typically me...I sneaked in some play time with my latest Bubble game to work out an appetite. 
It wasn't a long wait and soon it was dinner. But we were told its not just dinner in a normal sense...we had to be blindfolded! Yeah blindfolded while we ate. How kinky eh? Truth to be was for us to have a sneak preview of the 4 pizzas for the night that may make their way back as the Cheesy 7. Plus our taste, smell and touch senses are heightened when we're blindfolded.
Amazingly Jessica managed to still take her own pic while blindfolded and I Surprisingly managed to shoot this precious pic blindfolded. Good thing I did not drop my camera or spill anything on the camera....
The blindfolded dining partners. pics allowed of the 4 test subjects that we ate. One thing for sure, they were all nice and cheesy. A must for cheese lovers. I supposed I can drop a probable hint of some of what we ate.
• Seafood was awesome. The Squid was nice and chewy rubbery stuff. And the whole pizza had a certain juiciness to it. Well done Pizza Hut!
• One test subject had a very interesting and generous servings of mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes. Of course plenty of cheese to go with it and it is not vegetarian:P
• Another test subject had sweet pineapples. Appetizing! And what and it further interesting was the different facades of chicken. Yeah there was the mince, some chicken ham...
• Love beef? One test subject was beef. Lots of it for you carnivores out there!
That's me...I remember feeling all over the pizzas, smelling and of course eating! 
I have to admit that after 4 slices of pizzas, I was actually quite stuffed. Probably because I was unused to eating thick crust pizzas. I love my thin crust and to my delight, I discover that Pizza Hut has Crunchy Crust for those who like it thin and crispy. Hopefully the Cheesy 7 comes with this option >.<

And so dinner apparently did not end with the 4 test subjects. We had more in stored for us that night!
Favourites Platter RM20.90...I love the New Orleans Chicken Drumettes (though I think wings will be better:P) and of course Criss Cut Fries.
Tempura Prawn Garlic Rice RM9.20 for you must have rice folks
Chicken Meatball Bolognaise RM11.20. Simple and easy for kids.
The Prawn Olio Spaghetti RM11.20 wowed me. It wasn't what I had expected from Pizza hut. Flavourful with the yummy roasted Shitake mushrooms, garlic, onions, chili flakes and capsicums (Yes I have fallen in love with capsicums of late). I may be wrong but it felt like the prawns were frozen ones...but for that price, I am not complaining much!
Dessert! Haha some of us won prizes for our tweets! I won too:D
My neighbour Vernie
Fellow Car kaki, photobug and tamchiak Damion
Conclusion for this post? We all had fun and we say "Bring Back the Cheesy 7"
When does Cheesy 7 return? Stay tuned!

And go check out the Cheesy 7 app on FB:

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