MIGF 2012: Circus

After many visits to Circus for its drinks and entertainment, I felt it is only right to check them out for food and what better timing than to experience their MIGF menu created by Executive Chef David Caral. With the good company of Louise. We actually went without the wine pairing since its kinda early to start drinking at lunch mid week >.< 

Similar to Al Amar, another eatery under the Eatertainment folks, food at Circus were equally vivid, playful and quite a sight to behold. And if the pics don't convince you, you can only blame my bad photography and I urge you to head over to Circus and witness it yourself.
Still, the folks at Circus felt it was only right to chill and begin with a refreshing and zesty French 75 which was to pair with the Amuse Bouche. Thank you Circus!
Amuse Bouche of Parmesan Grissini with Bresaola was a perfect pair with the French 75. The choice to play salty Parmesan and equally salty Bresaola wasn't crazy. Both were equally flavourful and certainly complimented each other. Added truffle oil gave it an earthly note making this dish quite a memorable experience. The zesty and sparkly French 75 provided a clean finish to the Amuse Bouche.
If this makes its way to the ala carte menu, this will definitely be my must order dish when I return to Circus.
I love crabs but I don't like crab cakes in general. When the appetiser of Chili Crab Cake with Organic Mixed Salad arrived, I did contemplate not touching the crab cake and merely contend myself with the delicate salad. Well, I am glad I took the brave decision and took a bite of the chili crab cake. It was basically crab...lots of crab minus the need for me to battle with the crab shell. Yeah it was deliciously crab. Not spicy as the word "chili" may suggest. Merely lots of crab goodness.

Pretty and I am glad I decided to try the crab cake afterall.
Intensely crab!
Crispy Wild Mushroom Risotto is perhaps one of the best risottos I came across. Visually it wasn't your regular plate of risotto. A clearly interesting risotto presentation that made the best of a rich risotto. Fire it up a little and it comes with a crispy skin. 

Crisp on the outside. Creamy and soft inside.
The perfect palate cleanser is the Lime Granite. Crisp and tangy for a totally refreshing feel.
For mains, one could opt for Cod Fish with Truffle Butter Foam or Wagyu Beef Tenderloin. Being typically carnivorous, we opted for the Wagyu Beef Tenderloin. 2 juicy chunks of beef goodness that was took no effort to cut through. 
The first thought that hit me was...this looks like a little village of sorts with little hills of mash with crispy chips and some shorty guards on the front

Perfect marbling for that juicy bite...yes, I will return to Circus for more beef tenderloin goodness from their ala carte menu.
Finally dessert! I must admit that I was so awed by the  earlier courses that it didn't leave much room for dessert. But how could one say no to a delicate presebtation of the  Lavender Crème Brûlée? not the usual sickening lavender essence. This is real lavender goodness that is enlightening to the palates. .
A few more days for the MIGF menu at Circus. So hurry over..and if you do miss it...well, some dishes are from their ala carte menu!

Full Festival Menu RM278++ per person (with wine)
Full Festival Menu RM168++ per person (without wine)

Lot C3.10.01b
Level 3 Fashion Avenue
Pavilion KL
T: +603 2141 6151

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