MIGF 2012: Kofuku Japanese Restaurant

The hubster was telling me about his Kofuku Japanese Restaurant experience some 20 years odd back. He had apparently ate what he remembers as one of the best octopus sashimi ever. And when we popped by last week to check out the MIGF 2012 offerings here, he said "the place looks old school as it always was...NICE!"

And what he said was true. Unlike many places that have kind of fusioned their look, Kofuku still looks like its stuck in the 90s look. Despite its old fashion look and feel, I assure you that the place is well maintained. 

Kofuku had an old school decor and I was curious about Chef Steven Tan too. Afterall he designed the MIGF menu to be quite old school too. Caught hold of him for a picture and chatted Chef Steven up. He shared that having cooked Japanese for some years, he felt that the cuisine itself is perhaps the most down to earth cuisine on earth. And as such for the MIGF menu, he designed it with focus on using the freshest ingredients possible. This I believe is for health reasons too. Post MIGF 2012, we all can keep our eyes focused on Kofuku and Chef Steven as they have revealed that we are in for more classical and traditional Japanese dishes soon.
Similar to its looks and feel is a an old fashion feel to its MIGF 2012 menu. I opted for the full menu with wine pairing while hubster opted for the Bento Sets (which I will blog later...). Priced at RM228++ per person with a selection of 5 wines, its certainly a very good meal.
Appetiser is rightly Ume Shu (Plum Wine) served nice and chilled with a lovely crane crane origami for good luck. 
A pretty plate of Zensai (Japanese Amuse Bouche). 
Perhaps the most memorable of the Amuse Bouche would be the Ama Ebi to Kimizu Ae (Sweet Shrimp with Egg Yolk Vinaigrette Dressing) which is a creamy with a slight texture to it to compliment the tender sweet shrimp. The Sanma Mirin Boshi (Grilled Dried Saury Pike) is almost perfect bursting with flavours. Mozuku Su (Vinaigrette Moss Seaweed) is a refreshing item especially after the saury. I must say that the Moro Kyuri looks like a green bucket. Its basically Japanese Cucumber topped with Barley Miso - pretty and delish!
The hubster absolutely love the Almond Hana (Almond Flower) when we first tasted it during TasteMIGF. Needless to say, he pretty much ate up my Almond Hana.
The Chilean Ona Anakena Chardonnay is lightly citrus and good body to it.
 Mad Fish Pinot Noir is a perfect pair to the Amuse Bouche. A lil spicy with hints of vanilla and berry made this an appetizing red to begin the meal with. 
Soups make me happy. And this Hamasui (Delicate Clear Clam Soup) is as good as it looked. The soup   is clear with the sweet goodness of clams. Nothing fishy just plain sweetness of a bowl of wholesome clam goodness.
The Sashimi Moriawase is a satisfying course and I know that it is for this reason that I will be returning to Kofuku soon.. A combination of thickly sliced Tuna Belly, Salmon Belly and Yellow Tail. Fresh and cold - I have no complains whatsoever. 
The Akarua (Pinot Gris) is fruity and slightly on the sweet note making it perfect with the sashimi.
When the Gyuniku Hobayaki (Grilled Tenderloin on Magnolia Leaf with Miso) was brought in, I must say this was perhaps the moment when my stomach growled real loud despite having eaten half the MIGF course (and part of the 2 bento sets that we ordered as well). The smell of a good meat is terribly appetzing. The sight of the tenderloin looking all juicy and pink the way I love my meat is too much to bear. I took pics the fastest ever and quickly dipped into the meat. Juicy! Perhaps a little too much miso for the hubster's liking but I have no complains since I adore miso!
Australian Tyrell's Moore's Creek Shiraz provided the perfect accompaniment for the richness of the beef tenderloin. Sweet with sweet plum and vanilla with hints of spicy pepper made this my fave red for the night.
I don't care what people say about cholesterol and prawn heads. The Ebi Gusokuni (Simmered Tiger Prawn in Japanese Sweet Sauce) is too good to be wasted. And it only means that I ate pretty much every bit of sweet meat that this prawn had. Yes I lapped up the juicy goodness that the prawn head had to offer.
I must admit that the full MIGF mene is quite a filler for small eaters (not me). TheUnagi Seiron Mushi Gohan (Steamed Grilled Eel in Bamboo Basket) is almost a meal on its own. Fluffy and sticky Japanese rice with juicy eel is a match made in heaven. 
My fave white for the night is Gewurztraminer Hugel. A very floral and fruity white that provided comfort to the palates. I know I am going to grab this for my home consumptionD
Dessert was supposed to be Dorayaki To Yakadatsu Matcha Aisu Kurimu (Japanese Classic Pancake with Red Bean served with Green Tea Ice-Cream) but I have to admit that it didn't quite look the part of the Dorayaki that I know. Still it was delish and I actually finished up my dessert. Sorry no sharing allowed for this!

The above is the Full Festival Menu RM228++ per person with 5 wines. You can also opt for the following:
• Full Festival Menu RM188++ per person (without wine)
• Light Festival Menu RM118++ (without wine)
• A la carte menu: Zensai RM32, Shiru RM16, Sashimi RM50, Yakimono RM30, No Nimono RM28, Oshukuji RM25 and Dessert RM15 

Kofuku Japanese Restaurant
Level 4
Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur
 T: +603 4042 5555

• GPS N 3 10.044 E 101 41.537

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