Movie Review: Skyfall

Bond with 'Dr.No' first appeared at the movie theaters in October 1962. 50 years pass down the street, we have Skyfall as the 23rd official Bond blockbuster.

And after all these years, how does Bond stay relevant? It seems that there's no more governments to topple and seemingly no more ultra mad villains wanting to conquer or destroy the world. But perhaps agencies like the M16 stay on merely to be a monitory body more than anything else?

In Skyfall, Bond, M and the MI6 are threatened when the hard drive containing the names of every agent on the field is stolen. And if you think that the plot is as good as it gets, you are so wrong. Skyfall's main plot is Bond’s loyalty to M as her past comes back to haunt her (and the M16). 

While Daniel Craig is never considered the most suave looking Bond, he has proved to be the most capable actor given the theme-of the current time. I will have to say perhaps a magnificent actor too in Skyfall. And in a whole package, perhaps Skyfall deserves some good nominations (and wins) in the Oscar. I was totally smitten by the script. The cinematography is perhaps a good probability too?
We see new characters and faces in Skyfall. We see Ben Whishaw as the new Q. Definitely younger. And charmingly nerdish too. A memorable scene for me when Q said "I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas than you can do in a year in the field." Seemingly quite true when many of the world's new millionaires consist of nerds on their laptops! 
Notable mention that too that this is perhaps Judi Dench's best portrayal of M to date. 77 years old and in her 7th appearance as M, we see M in an assortment of expressions never seen before in her previous Bond movies.
Bond soundtracks have always been good. This time around with Adele, its perhaps the best ever? Co written by Adele herself, the melody and the lyrics have much emotions and meaning to it:
Any Bond girls? Of course there is always a Bond girl. And refreshingly interesting, the focus on the Bond girl is notably a very short one (sorry boys!). 
Curvy Bérénice Marlohe is Sévérine 
Skyfall screens in Malaysia on 1st November. Go grab your tickets...its almost a perfect 10 for this Bond movie!

"Storms coming" says Bond in the movie. Yes, Bond has weathered every adversary, shaken every foe and Ian Flemming's greatest fictional character will continue to stir the hearts of its fans and will continue to do so for many years.  

Happy 50th anniversary, Bond!

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