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Nope this post is not about my mum's kitchen since my mum can hardly cook. Sorry mum but you only make good soups and nothing more:P

Nestled somewhere in Bandar Pinggiran Subang which is part of Shah Alam as the postcode tells us is Mum's Kitchen that whips out good yummies. Its good not because I was invited to review this place. Its goed enough to warrant me returning (out of our own wallets) with my pals on a few occasions:D

If you love fish head, then choose from 8 different preparations! Mum's Kitchen uses garoupa fish head and whatever preparation it is, be sure to standby your tummy for an extra bowl of rice.
Claypot Curry Fish Head RM33 (S) is not overly spicy but the rich coconut gravy will have you doing a "banjir" on your bowl of rice. A healthy touch is the generous serving of brinjal, cabbage, okra and tomatoes.
A highly recommended preparation is the Claypot Nyonya Fish Head RM33 (S). This is a tangier version of the curry and it terribly appetizing. Even the hubby who was on a no rice diet gave in to temptations and helped himself to one bowl of rice dedicated to this Nyonya version.
The Claypot Bean Paste Fish Head is a good choice if you love the natural saltiness of black bean that blends real well with the natural sweetness of the garoupa. 
Claypot Bitter Gourd Fish Head is perhaps the most unique preparation of fish head that I have encountered. Fret not because the bitter gourd is really not bitter. In fact it has a very refreshing taste that compliments the lightly fried fish head and black beans. 
I was curious with a dish named Stir Fried Fish Head with Salted Egg. However, I think checking out 4 out of 8 available fish head dishes is perhaps an overkill for the rest. So its another 2 salted egg dishes that I have tasted and will declare a must order if you're a salted egg fan.
Clams with Buttermilk Sauce and Salted Egg is one of the most memorable dishes I have had in Mum's Kitchen. Every clam was throughly coated with the golden goodness of salted egg yolk. Lick the shells clean if you must!
We checked out the Salted Egg Mantis Prawn for a pal's birthday. It was simply because the Chinese believed that prawn sounds like a person laughing (prawn in Chinese is "har" and sounds like a person laughing). No regrets, it was such a good dish and it perhaps did set us into a laughing mode too as the following picture shows:P
Perhaps Oliver has had too much prawns and decided to impersonate the wine certainly had our dining buddies and another table in a good laughing fit.
Love bellies? And I don't mean our human pot belly! Choose from pork or mutton and they are both equally good.
Rarely seen in Chinese" tai chow"  or stir fry restaurants would be mutton belly. Mum's Kitchen whips out Mutton Belly Pot RM26. This dish features a very rich gravy that is flavoured with the mutton flavours and a chef's special selection of herbs and spices. 
A familiar dish of Marinated Pork with Pickled Vegetables RM18 is pleasing. The pork has the right mix of lean meat and fat. 
The Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish RM18 is perhaps my fave of the 3 belly dishes that we had. An appetizing mix of salted fish, dried chili, onion, spring onions and ginger.
Mum's Kitchen churns out quite a variety of fowl dishes.
The Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Black Fungus RM16 is a very homely dish. Its quite impossible to go wrong with this simple yet tasty dish.
If you love kampung chicken (free range chicken), then the Village Chicken with Kailan (RM28 for half a bird) is a must order. Bits of garlic add character to this tasty chicken goodness that is steamed with some soy sauce.
The Wok Special Village Chicken RM28 (for half a bird) is actually cooked within a bamboo tub. Savour the goodness of chicken cooked with its own juices and some house special marinate that gives it a lightly herbal and salty taste.
Porkilicious good is the Mongolian Pork Knuckle RM45. You are advised to order this dish ahead of time as they only serve this in limited quantity each day. The skin is nice and crunchy wile the meat within remains soft and tender. Served on a bed of special sauce that is buttery and lightly tangy. Do request for more of the sauce at the point of ordering if you have children with you. They will finish up their plate of rice in record time with this lovely this.
Porky lovers will swoon at this dish.
Its so good that Oliver is all ready to lick the bone clean.
The earlier dishes are all a meat lover's dream come true. Life is all about check and balance, so let's have some healthy vegies as well.
Simple but with good wok hei is a homely Spinach Stir Fry with Garlic RM10.
Plain lettuce? Of course not!
Pair it with Penang specialty of Ju Hur Char RM12. Julienned turnips with dried cuttlefish, dried shrimps and carrots braised till soft and flavourful. Yummy and it certainly tasted very much like what my late Granny whipped out in our Penang home.
Wrap the ju hu char inside a piece of lettuce and pop it into your mouth. Enjoy the burst of flavours and textures from the crisp lettuce and delightful ju hu char.
And while we are on a Penang note, the lobak here is a must order. RM8 for 2 rolls of of generous pork and yam marinated with 5 spice powder wrapped in beancurd sheets. Pre order this since it also sells out very fast!
Each of my tai chow outing is not complete without tofu. You can opt for the usual Thai style tofu or tofu with scallion oil. We tasted 2 types of tofu and both were amazing stuff.
Braised Beancurd with Vegetable and Fish (Sing Kong Yu - in Cantonese) RM28 is a perfect dish for old and young. Stir in the egg yellow smack before eating for a smooth gravy that boast of the flavours of the fish and vegetables. And I have a need to mention this, Mum's Kitchen make their own beancurd as well:D
I call this Pumpkin Tofu RM15 the prettiest dish in Mum's Kitchen. As usual pre order this as the puree needs to specially made. The tofu is crisp on the outside and smooth inside. Goes really well with the rich and creamy pumpkin puree. A must order!
If you happen to be dining alone, then there is quite some one dish meals to choose from. We tried the Fish Head Noodles RM7 and this is one bowl of goodness that will have you cleaning up the bwl till the last drop. Vermicelli absorbs the lovely milky soup that is generously served with juicy fried fish head, salted vegetables, tomatoes and tofu.

 There are a number of one-dish items in the menu (noodles and rice) and if you wish to try these, their signature Fish Head Beehoon (RM7) would be a great choice.  Rice vermicelli soaking in a milky broth with fish head chunks, pickled vegetables and beancurd were simply too hard to resist! 
It may seem a wee far to head in but seriously, its just a 10 minutes drive from Subang Airport Terminal 3 that you take some of your domestic flights. And mind you, this 10 minutes drive includes 3 traffic lights:D
Mum’s Kitchen Restaurant
No 2G Jalan Bulan U5/BN
Bandar Pinggiran Subang
Shah Alam
T: +6016-666 6650 
    +6016 222 2250
GPS : 3° 09.884″ N, 101° 32.840″ E

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