Pork Free Dim Sum Galore @ Maju Palace

We discovered Maju Palace 10 years ago when they did a J Card tie up for some discounts. Fast forward to present, Maju Palace is still one of our fave non hotel based restaurant for pork free Chinese food. One reason is the location since its pretty close to our office. The better reason is of course because it is delicious...Some Sundays back it was a dim sum brunch with the foodies...

There is a live station that will be preparing your choice of hot noodles, soups etc. And of course you can also sit comfortably at your table and order from the we did. Forget the regular push cart dim sum because Maju Palace believes in dim sums served fresh.
Nothing beats the smell of a plate of rich Chicken Pies. Golden brown with a rich crust that crumbles and almost melts in your mouth envelopes a creamy generous filling. Nothing overpowering, merely comforting.
Radish cake lovers can take your pick of the classical Pan Fried Radish Cake RM6 or the Stir Fried Radish Cake RM6. Both taste equally good but my personal preference is naturally the stir fried version since I love spicy food. 
Fan fried radish cake
Lightly spicy and with enough "wok hei" makes this a delightful choice. Crunchy bean sprouts and pickled vegetables give this dish a lovely crunch while the radish cake remains soft with a lovely lightly crisp skin.
The Braised Egg Noodles Village Style RM24 per portion came in a wee early during our meal but its a good choice. Though I think my personal preference would be to leave this last during dim sum sessions as fillers in case one isn't filled. 
Simple and flavourful. And it goes well with the magic chili that Maju Palace serves.
Some dim sums make lovely accompaniment during chats with the family or friends. Addictive and you'll probably be taking piece after piece with your chopstick and voila...the whole plate is gone. And if you're in for a long meal to catch up with folks, then the following are must orders.
 Golden Crispy Shimeiju Mushrooms RM8 is a must for mushroom lovers. Every bite is a crispy flavourful batter with soft mushrooms inside.
Deep Fried Cuttlefish Cake Thai style RM16. Good enough to eat on its own and of course equally good with a Thai dip provided.
My fave among the fried items would be the Deep Fried Eggplant with Chicken Floss RM12. Juicy pieces of eggplant witha  crispy batter and appetizing chicken floss. A very brilliant dish to introduce to non eggplant eaters.
A favourite with my companions for the day is the Deep Fried Shredded Duck and Chives with Beancurd Skin RM8.
I love deep fried white baits and I have to say not many places serve this right. Too many times its almost like eating flour:( Maju Palace is one recommended place if you like this dish. The Deep Fried White Bait Fish with Salt and Pepper RM16 is bursting with flavours and textures. 
Love cod? Then the Cod Fish Roll with Salted Egg Yolk RM8 is a must order. The creamy goodness of cod fish and salted egg yolk gone in minutes when it arrived on the table. 
Deep Fried Prawn Rolls with Mayonnaise
 Crispy Vegetarian Roll is pure vegetarian RM8 yet it is not plain or boring. A perfect play of flavourful vegies and of course an added bite, flavour and colour with the black sesame. It is also served with a dip on the side.
Deep Fried Prawn Dumplings
Too much fried stuff? Fret not, there is the steamed items as well. Some are your regular steamed dim sum, pork free of course and some are interesting a smart play of fried and steamed in one item. And may I present you Steamed ‘Cheong Fun’ with Crispy Prawn RM10.
Your regular chee cheong fun on the outside is all nice, smooth and soft while the inside is juicy prawn with a crispy skin. Perfect harmony of taste and textures!
Regular steam dim sum and I mean classic steam items are aplenty on the menu at Maju Palace.
‘Siew Mai’ Yunan Style RM7
  Chives Dumpling with XO Sauce RM7 is my first fave among the steamed items.

Dried Scallop with Spinach Dumpling RM7 is my second fave...
Imperial ‘Har Kau’ RM8 is a huge piece of dumpling...
Fish Ball RM6 is perhaps what I deem my happy food. Firm fish ball and its not fishy. Freshness galore! 
And what's a dim sum meal without pows? Take your pick of big or small pows. 
BBQ Meat Bun or Chicken Char Siew Bao RM6 is good. I am not missing my porky ones when I ate these.

The good old fashion big pows Large ‘Bao’ RM8. You hardly find these large ones these days and this one makes a complete meal on its own.
Whether the weather is hot or cold, a bowl of soupy goodness is always good. You can have your soups or porridges or even soupy noodles if you wish at Maju Palace.
 Double Boiled Superior Soup with Beef and Enoki Mushroom in Japanese Paper Wok  RM28 per pax.   See the pink beef? Perfect!
Red Crab Porridge RM15 is a must for crab lovers. The porridge is smooth and rice with the crab goodness.
 Shredded Chicken and Snow Creek Vegetable Porridge RM8 is rich and hearty. I would say it is a perfect soul and stomach warming meal.
Poached River Carp Medallion RM 8 is a signature dish I think. It is a dish that Executive Chef Justin picked up when he was on a culinary journey in China. River carp fillet served in a tasty broth with ginger, mushroom and spring onion.
Fresh Water Prawn with ‘Hor Fun’ in Superior Prawn Soup RM25 per pax with a lovely rich soup full of prawn goodness.
Fresh Water Prawns in Clay Pot Indonesian Style RM25 per pax is a spicy version of the Superior Prawn Soup above. A little rich for my personal liking but the hubster loves it and obviously inherited my bowl as well.
No dim sum is complete without desserts. Maju Palace offers hot and cold ones. And some are certainly unique ones not seen in many places because it takes a lot of effort to make them.
Baked Egg Tart RM6 is nice and not overly sweet.
Aloe Vera Tart RM8 is baked but the aloe gives it a refreshing touch.
Salted Egg Custard Buns
Savour the rich salted egg custard lava...
The rarely seen Water Chestnut Cake RM6 is refreshing and again not overly sweet. I love the desserts at Maju Palace as they focus more of flavour rather than sweet taste. 
Lemon Grass Jelly RM8 per pax is one good dessert to clear your palates. Its also a rejuvenating choice after all the heavy dim sum.
Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Soya Bean RM8 per pax
And my all time must have dessert in Maju Palace is the served the Steamed Egg with Bird’s Nest RM15 per pax. Made and served the same way that my late granny used to make them for me whenever I visited her back in Penang. A comforting dessert with precious birds nest in every egg.
Petite and pretty
The goodness of birds nest in each creamy soft egg.
The selection of dim sum in Maju Palace is rather extensive. Have fun choosing them...or return a few times to finish the whole menu:D
Maju Palace Restaurant
Level 5 Maju Junction Mall
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
T: +6032691 8822

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