Rock Me Amadeus

Weekend dinner in downtown Kuala Lumpur at a place named Amadeus has the hubster raising his eyebrow. I am pretty sure he expects his wife to break into a song (and a dance) of the popular 1980s Rock Me Amadeus. Confession: I did! How not to remember the hit by Falco?
...Rock Me Amadeus...Amadeus Amadeus Ohh Amadeus...

Well, Amadeus certainly did rock us. It was a fine selection of European food and 12 types of wines set in a nice cozy ambience. The company for the night sealed the deal for me and made this my fave eatery in Life  Centre.
A clean and homely European chic feel greets you when you enter Amadeus. Spot the Enomatic wine dispenser on the picture on the left? That's one of Amadeus' unique selling point. 
The Enomatic Wine Dispenser ensures that an opened wine bottle stays fresh and good up to 3 weeks. This ensures that a bottle that has been opened remains fresh as if its just been opened. The Enomatic has settings that dispenses based on your requirement of tastinh, half glass or full glass. I can only think that this Enomatic comes in handy for me at home since I love wines but can't finish a bottle on my if only the Enomatic is kinder to my purse.
Choose from 12 bottles of wines (priced between RM21-RM58 per glass) that will be dispensed from the Enomatic WineDispenser. Hubster preferred the red and the white was obviously mine:D
It was a rainy Saturday evening so a soup comes in perfect. The Beef Soup with Crepes RM15 does look like chicken soup but its really a bowl of hearty and comforting traditional Viennese clear beef broth with sliced crepes. 
Equally hearty is the Mushroom Porcini Soup RM15 that I will recommend if you love a creamy mushroom soup. 
The salad and starters menu at Amadeus is a good meal on its own for light and easy days. Honestly, the selection looked good that it was quite hard to stick to just one per person, so we obviously had to order more quite a few:D
FBB's choice of Aparagus with Poached Eggs RM19 was a brilliant choice. It was served just right.
See the perfect yellow flow out...Perfectly perfect!
I never say no to salmon salads. Here the Cured Salmon Salad RM18 is highly recommended. Served with a generous topping of refreshing cured citrus flavoured salmon with parmesan dressing.
Irresistible Smoked Duck Salad RM16 is David's lovely choice of savoury smoked duck breast on a bed of mixed lettuce and light vinaigrette dressing. 
Love meatballs? Love Amadeus' herbed meatballs in a light tomato sauce that will have you cleaning u every morsel of the lovely sauce. Lamb Meatballs RM19.
Stuffed Mushrooms RM18. These button mushrooms are stuffed with herbed fresh cheese. Good to be eaten on its own without the home made chili sauce that is served with it. They make very good finger food and can be very addictive.
Scallops are a must if it appears on a menu. So its not a surprise that the Pan Seared Scallops RM24 is my obvious choice. The scallops are pan fried lightly leaving it nice, plump and juicy. Served on a cauliflower puree which was fine with me though I happily just eat the scallops on its own.
The Duck Terrine RM21 is almost a meal on its own if you are a small eater. A scrumptious and flavorful stuffing with pistachio nuts served with slices of home made bread. The pickles are a must have as it lends this dish more character.

Obviously the 8 of us actually eat and we dig into meaty main dishes and pastas. 
Penne Alla Vodka RM26. Yes you read it right! Its a creamy and definitely very flavourful tomato sauce with a dash of vodka. The hubster loves this and his comment was "Appetizing!".
A traditional rendition of Hungarian Goulash RM36 of juicy tender braised lamb served with a hearty portion of mashed potato. Nom nom nom!
Not your regular sausage grub. This is a homemade juicy and flavourful Turkey Sausage RM32 served with some grilled potatoes and vegetables. 
Wholesome chicken roll stuffed with asparagus and mushroom makes the hearty Chicken Roulade RM38. I love the sauteed mushrooms on the side!

I learnt to cook a little bit of Swedish delights some time back with David (Poached salmon with dill and butter sauce - read it here). What Amadeus served us was definitely a yummier version of what we cooked:D Beurre Blanc Fish Fillet RM42 features a "catch of the day" fillet which we had salmon. Served with a light white wine butter sauce and some clams, vegetables and potatoes on the side.  
Amadeus' Duck Confit RM42 is definitely a must have. All this while I contended myself with The Deli @ Micasa's duck confit (read it here). And now I am glad I have one more good option here at Amadeus.  Roasted till crisp cured duck leg is juicy and definitely flavourful inside. The crispy skin is so good that I had to leave it for last:D
Its plenty of wine in between and desserts come in handy with your choice of coffee, tea or more wine:D Not much of a sweet cakes person but heck I finished quite a bit of the Red Velvet Cake and Lemon Cheesecake. Actually, I think I had a whole lemon cheesecake to myself.
Moist and definitely must have Red Velvet Cake. 
The whole works Red Velvet, Italian Cream Cake, Sachertorte and Cointreau Flavoured Tiramisu
Pretty in yellow: Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Tart and Creme Brulee. My dining companions all loved the creme brulee...
A Caffe Latte RM12 for the hubster
This cup of Wild Berries Tea RM8 rescues me from my food coma:D

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar

No 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:

• Monday to Thursday: 11:30am - 11:30pm
• Friday - Saturday: 11:30am - 1:00am
• Sunday: 11:30am - 11:30pm

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