Weekend Getaway: The Royale Aryani

A nice getaway to the East Coast. Our usual has always been Villa Danialla in Tok Bali and our all time fave Ruby's Resort which is Shalom (pet friendly). The visit this time around is The Royale Aryani in Kuala Merang, Terengganu.

It was a leisurely drive with the Mark X (I really should write a post on this lovely beauty) of approximately 5 hours that became longer since I stopped at Aunty Ruby's to check out on Robin and Flora, the 2 stray kittens that Aunty Ruby had kindly adopted when she knew that I was stuck with 2 rescues that I had no adopters or fosterers who were keen. 

As soon as we reached Kuala Merang, the instructions given was simple. Opposite Petronas Station which is on your left, you will see the arch entrance (on your right) that lead to The Royale Aryani. We did a stop at Petronas to grab my supply of junk food...
Drove approximately 1.5km or so on a nice quiet road with trees and some interesting scenes. 
Hello moo moo!

The Royale Aryani is nice and green at the entrance. A welcome from KL life. And as we went in, I realised that behind the greenery is a tranquil beach. Let the pictures tell the story:
A green and welcoming garden entrance...
Part of the lobby. Airy and welcoming!
A signature welcome is Keropok Lejor (A famous type of Fish Crackers in East Malaysia). I must say that this is one of the best lekors I have ever eaten. 
Accompanied by a soothing cold ginger and lemon grass drink.
A peep from the resort lobby of a pretty pool amidst the greenery. Very inviting and I can't wait to jump in to play!
20 room options ~ Superior, Deluxe, Modern Suite and Heritage Suite priced between RM560 and RM1,055. Of course, you can always call them for their latest promotions.
Rooms have a delicate pandan (screwpine) scent.
Fancy a bath tub behind your bed?
This is our Superior Room. Absolutely loved the large bed.
A traditional yummy local kueh made of mung beans and palm sugar was in our room. Perfect since I was beginning to be hungry again after checking out a few rooms.

Every villa has its own outdoor tub or sunken pool. I had a satisfying soak before we walked explored the hotel grounds...
I have my own outdoor bathtub. 
A sneak peak at the beach
Entrance to the beach
The Pulau Beach Club is in the midst of being refurnished. Hopefully its sorted out soon. This is a quaint wooden structure facing the beach.
Lots of greeneries around. Perfect for catching up with some reading or just for some quiet time.
We managed to peep into the Heritage Suite. Available at RM1,055 per night, there was a couple staying there for a month who checked out a couple of days before we arrived. This place is built without a single nail except for the steps (this compromise was purely for safety reasons).
Nestled amidst an assortment of trees, the Heritage Suite certainly feels like an old fashion kampung house complete with stilts and all.
That is not a usual mail. Merely a clever play of wood to make sure the pieces of wood hold together.
The living room
The bedroom
A nice chillax wooden chair that the hubster was saying would make the perfect spot for him to catch up with some of the car mags that he brought along for the holiday and also to catch his 40 winks. Sorry hubster...its RM1,055 per night. *gulp*

We walk around more before dinner. 
Love the quaint arch entrance leading to the Heritage Spa
The Heritage Spa. Since its closes at 6pm daily, the game plan was to explore the spa the next day. Stay tuned next week when I blog about it.
A panning shot at the pool...
The very inviting pool which I took a dip after dinner. 
If you stay at The Royale Aryani, then just stay on and have all your meals at the Serai Restaurant that overlooks the pool. I would not say food is cheap compared to eating outside the hotel. However for the convenience and yum factor, then its certainly worth it!
It was getting a little cooler as it started drizzling during dinner and this bowl of Soup Ayam that came with our complimentary dinner was awesome. Spicy and flavourful like a good Malay Chicken soup should be.
Equally delightful was the Chicken Curry served with East Coast must have Keropok Ikan (Fish crackers). The rice is served wrapped in a green leave that I learnt came from the grounds of The Royale Aryani.
Never knew that mangoes and chocolates ice cream were a delightful pair. Note the green leaf...

And with the dinner, it pretty much concludes Day 1 at The Royale Aryani with another dip in the pool before we retired in our room to catch up with some movie on Astro and me with my ebooks.  My stay at The Royale Aryani continues in a second part next weekend. Stay tuned!

The Royale Aryani Resort
Jalan Rhu Tapai – Merang
For booking and inquiries, please contact the following below:-
T: +609 653 2111 / 1003 / 1006 / 2004 / 2005

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 All over the resort is a plant known as Jambu Laut or loosely translated as Sea Apple. Traditionally the leaves of the Jambu Laut or Sea Apple Tree is used to wrap food icluding tapai (fermented rice or tapioca). The fruit is edible but you will have to wait till its really ripe for it to be sweetish.
Picture taken from Wikipedia

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