Welcome to Circus!

The much anticipated Circus has finally opened its doors. Located in Pavilion as part of Pavilion's Fashion Avenue, this is one of the gems in Pavilion.

Glamourous, chic, stylish...its all rolled into one as far as the decor goes. A brilliant play of colours, textures and shapes. I absolutely adore the vibrancy of the place. It is alive!
Yet to try the food but a sneak peak at the drinks and canapes that we had during the opening promises much excitement. Indulge to your heart's contend from an International menu designed Spanish Executive Chef David Caral, an extensive wine list, 60 cocktails ranging from staple classics to the avant garde and even a fine selection of cigars! And when the night unfolds, the music and bar comes alive with DJs and liver performance to thrill your senses.

And if you can't wait, read what Sean has written about some of Circus food and drinks:
• September 13 Circus @ Pavilion
• September 30 Circus @ Pavilion

Meanwhile, here's some pics from their opening night:
The bar

 The boys...
 Boys and girls.
Pretty little things
Choose from 60 cocktails!
Can you see the rest of the sentence?
4 horses in this pic. Can you spot them?
Cheers to Circus!

Lot C3.10.01b
Level 3 Fashion Avenue
Pavilion KL
T: +603 2141 6151

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Welcome to Circus

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