Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial

Fresh back from my Penang half marathon, I return to KL for dinner. I was assured that it was a dinner that will definitely rejuvenate me. I was wondering how rejuvenating as I knew the usual works after a run leaves me thirsty more than hungry. Anyway, it was a good drive back home with a combination of both the highway and trunk road. Actually it was more like a good drive to Celestial Court in Sheraton Imperial.

It was a semi wet evening and it was a good thing dinner started promptly. Appetizers were appetizing and certainly kicked start dinner on the right footing.
I love my soft shell crabs but the word tempura puts me off. Strangely the Tempura Soft Shell Crabs served with shredded yam, pumpkin in thousand island sauce RM32++ per person changed my mind. Delightfully soft and flavourful soft shell crabs had me hungrier than before I started dinner. Amazing!
Not the prettiest set of prawns ever but these Crispy King Prawn RM38++ per person were addictive! In my current condition, such seafood is not really recommended but heck, they were so good that I lost count of the many pieces I ate.

The Cantonese blood in me always delights in a good bowl of soup. In fact soup with every meal is welcomed. Soup that night was Clear Chicken Soup with American Ginseng RM32++ per person. Perfect as a recovery food as the ginseng is supposed to help me recover from fatigue.
In case you're wondering why does this clear chicken soup look darker than normal? That's the goodness of black chicken that is used in this double boiled soup. Clearly rich and comforting, I happily drank the soup and of course enjoyed the herbs and tender chicken that went into the soup. After 21km, I think this soup helped me recover real well as I was pretty much back running 2 days after my run.

A lil fusion perhaps is the Pan Fried Lamb Cutlet RM52++ per person. Delightfully tender  meat minus the gaminess of lamb . Lovely mix of our commonly known sauces such as Lea Perrin, Worchester Sauce, A1 Steak Sauce and of course chef's magic recipe, this is a brilliant meal for any carnivorous diner.
The onions lend this dish a nice sweetness. Just don't burp after this meal:P
Pink and juicy.
No need to guess but this is my obvious favourite meal for the night. Signature Black Cod RM48++ per person may seem a tad pricey for a small plate of fish but its so precious that I will recommend that you ask for a bowl of rice to savour the goodness of the yummy broth made with egg white.
Tender bed of spinach and goji berries adds colour to this dish. Some black caviar to give it more bite and flavour. And how can one neglect to mention the thinly sliced fried ginger and scallions. I like to nominate this my best fish for 2012.

Crispy King Prawns served with minced nutmeg, sesame and mayonnaise dressing RM 32++ per person. Delicious but its a bit "too fried" for my personal liking though I must admit that the curry leaves and a slight spicy taste made it appetizing enough for me to almost finished up my meal.
A fried rice sounds normal but this Celestial Court Special Fried Rice  RM32++ (serves 2-3 persons), RM48++ (serves 4-7 persons) and  RM64++ (serves 8-10 persons) is an amazing dish. It nice to watch the bonito flakes do their dance...but more so when the dance dies down, we feast on a carefully mixed plate of white rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, barely, sunflower seed, scallops, chicken ham and mushroom. A beautiful play of textures and bursting in flavours.
A lil too stuffed for dinner, I was actually trying to avoid dessert. Alas the Sweet Pumpkin Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Coconut Gelato was too pretty to be resisted. The sweet pumpkin was perfect...I ate it all. What I left behind (inherited by the hubster) was the vanilla ice cream and coconut gelato. Pretty much anything with coconut just isn't my cup of tea:P But I will have to confess that that my dining companions all relished every bit of the dessert. So really, the problem was me - which I think must have something to do with my childhood snacking of too much coconut flesh:(

Celestial Court
Level 3
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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I Completed My Shell LEGO® Ferrari Models!

I mentioned that I love LEGO® and was busy chasing the Shell LEGO® Ferrari collections. Last weekend, my set was completed. So technically I now have 2 sets plus and there is no need to fight with the hubster except for perhaps the display case which we only have one.

Completed the collection last weekend when Shell Malaysia had a promotion and roadshow at Sunay Pyramid. Was easy to own the whole collection including the figurines. Thus the long queue on Saturday and Sunday.
The long queue of people.
No wonder the crowd went gaga. It was such a good deal.
Meanwhile, if you missed the roadshow, fret not! The sale of three more models of the limited edition, Ferrari LEGO® models – Scuderia Ferrari Truck, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari FXX will be on sale tomorrow! Yes beginning 29th November the 3 new models will be on sale.

Another highlight of the roadshow was the life sized Ferrari 150° Italia made from LEGO® bricks. Simple as it looks from far, its a delicate and patient piece of work of 6 months. It was a hit with both old and young with folks queeing up to have their pictures taken with it. And the younger (and lighter) ones even sat in it.
Lego Ferrari
Life sized Ferrari 150° Italia
Lego Ferrari
Made from LEGO® bricks...6 month of work.

I've collected all of my LEGO®. And if you missed it last weekend, head down to all Shell stations starting Thursday 29 November 2012 to pick yours up! 3 easy ways to get them! Present your BonusLink cards and:
• Purchase a Lego® car model at RM12.90 each with no purchase of Shell products required (limited to one unit per customer per transaction)
• With a minimum purchase of RM40 (accumulated receipts allowed) of Shell V-Power 97 or Shell V-Power Racing, customers can purchase a LEGO® car model at RM10.90 each and/or a Lego® Minifigures set at RM10.90 each (limited to a total of 3 LEGO® items per customer per transaction).
• With a purchase of a 4 litre pack of Shell Helix Ultra / HX7 / HX7E / HX7 Diesel, customers will receive a FREE LEGO® Minifigures set. They can also purchase any LEGO®  car model at RM12.90 each (limited to 3 units per customer per transaction).
Promotion is valid while stocks last so better hurry!
For more information on this Promotion, please visit

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More pics in the album: Shell LEGO® Ferrari Models 

Tempted to kidnap this fella home! Hehehe.

FREEBIES Time: Beauty Box!

Surprises! Who doesn't love surprises? Of course I am referring to pleasant surprises. And imagine getting a box of surprises at your door step every month.

Its Christmas and in the spirit of gifting, the folks at Modbox have offered 3 readers here their debut box for FREE. Regularly priced at RM19, Modbox is filled with a variety of deluxe samples beauty and skin care goodies. Every month, the contents of the box differs.
How do you get hold of your Modbox for FREE?
(2) Key in your details including your name, address, contact number and payment method.
(3) Key in the code Missyblurkit to receive your Modbox FREE for December 2012.
Hurry because only 3 readers will get the Modbox for FREE!
No worries on keying in your Credit card or payment details. They will only charge you in January 2013. So if you don't like what you receive in December, you can always go online and cancel your subscription.

I will be posting up my Modbox when I receive mine in December. Meanwhile hurry and sign up for yours!

For more information:

PS: I think this is good for both boys and girls. Girls, you can have the products for yourself. Boys...pamper your dearie with a box of beauty surprise every month. You get extra brownie points! head on to Missyblurkit and show some love!

Eggstatic Degustation Lunch

I love eggs and will happily have them everyday. Its not just the taste but the fact that eggs are one of nature's most most power packed food in terms of nutrition. In each humble egg, you'll be getting all essential amino acids, vitamins (A, D, K, B2, B6, B9 - also known as folic acid, B12), choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. 

Some weeks back, I was invited for the launch of Think Out of the Shell Volume 2 book launch by Veron. A compilation of interesting recipes. Makes a perfect Christmas pressie too @ RM70. 

It was lunch after the launch. Held at Opika, one of my fave organic restaurants in town. The meal was quite an experience. Afterall this was one interesting menu featuring some of Opika's signature dishes and marrying them with NutriPlus's products. As much as I love to go organic all the way, reality is I mix both organic and commercial produce...and this Eggstatic Degustation Menu is something I can relate to quite well.

A little bit of nibbles and drinks before our meal started. Refreshing and healthy! Perfect for a Saturday lunch.
We start our lunch with NutriPlus Canapés. The first is Stacked Chicken Nugget with cucumber, lime aioli and poached vannamei shrimp. In the middle was New York style buffalo nugget, heirloom tomato jelly and mint cream. Definitely an interesting take and presentation of NutriPlus products.
Pretty plate of canapes.
This stuffed chicken wing with red quinoa, four angled beans, vannamei shrimp and Balinese sambal needs a special of its own. An interesting play of textures and flavours makes this a very appetizing dish to begin our lunch. 
Caesar Salad Deconstruct was a rather interesting approach at the conventional Caesar salad. NutriPlus Smoked Chicken Frank and the parmesan nest certainly made the sald very appetizing. A brilliant idea to introduce salads to picky eaters. 
Omega-3 dressing and the poached egg perfected this salad with a creamy finish.
Opika whips out their signature Pumpkin Soup. Comfortinga dn creamy with the natural goodness of sweet Organic Japanese pumpkin, I wished that this was served in a bigger portion.
Vivid orange hue with an equally vivid taste.
What does one do with extra yolks from baking? Veron came up with the idea of a large Raviolli - read all about it! A satisfying large Ravioli filled with with black truffle, ricotta cheese, spinach, walnut and of course NutriPlus Omega-3 egg yolk is one of the best raviolli's I have had. The clear broth was yummy though I wished that it was a bit warmer. 
Definitely a departure from the regular raviolli in terms of size and taste! Love the whole works of ricotta cheese, walnuts and the egg yolk. A brilliant take by Chef Ryan Kang based on Veron's recipe.
The Confit of Chicken Leg in Percik Sauce is one of Opika's signature dish which I was totally smitten ever since I tasted it. A brilliantly colourful dish that taste justa s good...or should I say even better than it looks?

The chicken drumstick is cooked patiently in the red palm oil (a very lovely oil in terms of flavours and nutrition). The percik sauce is brilliant and I am sure that if this was served with rice, I am sure I could be hearing my lunch companions asking for extra rice. BTW, the red palm oil is available at Opika's retail wing and it makes a lovely oil for baking and cooking.

No meal is complete unless we have dessert. The delicate looking Millefoglie alla crème di limone is brilliantly rich, creamy and refreshing in a go. Definitely a perfect end to our glorious lunch.

Crispy puff pastry with the sinfully rich Napolean cream served lemon sorbet was irresistibly good. I must confess that I actually had part of my hubby's share of the dessert after finishing mine. 
Obviously you won't be seeing NutriPlus products on Opika's regular menu but this has been an interesting lunch that reiterates that we should always think out of the shell. 

Opika Organic 
Lower Ground
1U Shopping Mall 

My previous posts on Opika:

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Cedar on 15

Cedar on 15
A quickie post. Love the scenery? That's taken with my humble HTC One X. Had dinner last night at Cedar on 15. The new spot to hit town. Fine dining and bar in one convenient spot with an awesome view. Will be sharing a lil more on what we had soon. 

Dinner is served between 6p.m. to 10p.m. Thereafter there will be mini bites available till 2a.m. for those staying back to chill at the bar. Would have loved to stay on to chill last night after dinner. A DJ spins every night from 10p.m. onwards. Stayed on for half hour but work beckons and I was back in my office a stone throw away. 

As much as I would like to sigh...I am glad that this new pretty spot is just 10 minutes walk away for me. Cedar on 15, I will be back!

Cedar on 15
Impiana KLCC hotel and Spa
13 Jalan Pinang,
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2147 1111

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Bedazzling Christmas @ Pavilion KL

Golden carriage with Swarovski elements crystals
Almost a year past and its the year end. This means one of my fave seasons of the year is here again. Love the seasons for its merry and bright coloured decorations. The Christmas songs make it all so fun and merry. Caught my first Christmas this year in Penang during my recent half marathon when I popped into the mall to buy some groceries. Perhaps I should spend Christmas in Penang for a change. My last Christmas in Penang was after all some 20 years ago!

MeanhWas in town yesterday and caught a glimpse of the Christmas decors in Pavilion KL. I think they're the first to put their decorations up in town this year. A bedazzling Christmas it is indeed. Not taken any pics outdoor as it was kinda sunny...doing zero justice to the decors and light. But I'll be back over the weekend to catch the lights and also to complete my Christmas shopping. Yes! I am one of the crazy souls who starts her Christmas shopping in October to avoid the crowd and the rush.
Carriage with 5,000 Swarovski elements crystals
An enchanting carriage awaits you. This 25' x 18' carriage is the first of its kind and features 5,000 Swarovski Elements crystals. It looks glittering awesome during the day and I can only imagine the full grandeur at night when the mall is lighted up.
What's Christmas without the Christmas trees? Pavilion KL made a lil playground of sorts for the young ones. Hop on the train RM5 and let the adventure begin...
Have a date with Santa. Take a photo with Santa on the sleigh for RM10 with the full proceeds of RM10 going to charity. Its the happy time of the year and let's not forget the less fortunate. Throughout the festive season, check out the activities lined up including the must have Christmas carols and stroller band. 
Swarovski Christmas tree
A different Christmas tree. This sparkling Swarovski Christmas tree awaits you at Couture Pavilion @ Level 2. Guess the number of crystal stars and snowflakes on this tree and you may just walk away with a lovely Swarovski crystal watch worth RM2,550 and a RM500 Swarovski gift card.

Hop over to Pavilion KL and experience a fairy tale Christmas. More information at or

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Random Monday @ F by Buffalo Kitchens and Souled Out Ampang

Its Thirstday...I meant Thursday and its been a mix of a weird day. While work has been satisfying with us landing a new client and project, the personal side of things has been a tad of a let down. I supposed that is how life balances itself?

And since I am on a slight ranting mood, I might as well share a little. Been invited by a reputable PR Agency and its client to fly in to cover an event. The invite mentioned that they will be sponsoring me a return flight and accommodation for the days that I am there. The usual works of communication and what nots were sorted out. Technically everything is fine and all I need to do is just grab my bag and fly in. Well it seems that is not to be the case. These bunch of folks decide to make my life a tad more spicy by now telling me that they can only provide me accommodation while I have to go figure out my own flight on a cheap crappy excuse named "budget". Certainly this PR Agency and its client would have figured out the costs and what nots before sending out their invitations. A sudden change in the offer certainly is very unprofessional in every damn sense. So what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Nuff of ranting. Lessons learnt when dealing with PR Agencies no matter how reputable or big they are. Flashback to one of my fave random Mondays. Its blue Mondays for most of us and on hat very day, poor G was a little bluer since her brand new ride had to be admitted to "hospital". Picked her up  to cheer her up with dinner and a Flat White.

F by Buffalo Kitchen was our choice for dinner. This place has been my one of my fave spots for coffee minus the crowd at Antipodeon. The Flat White and latte has always been good. 

Dinner was a bit of a hit and miss. I love my salads and a meal which includes a salad is always fun for me. We ordered the Deconstructed Chicken Mango Caesar Salad RM18 to kick start dinner. Not sure what to make of it. It tasted decent but it certainly arrived in a form that was far from pleasant. Perhaps deconstructed in a food sense was taken too literally since it means to take a dish apart and to plate them differently? 
Kudos on the lovely fried cheese, crisp lettuce, sweet mangoes and flavourful chicken but this presentation had me eating everything separately instead of tossing them together. LOL.

Highly recommended and warrants repeat orders is the Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio RM35. pasta came perfectly al dente with a generous toss of seafood and olive oil. Spicy enough for my personal liking.
It seems like F by Buffalo Kitchen has their seafood dishes in good hands. Not a big fan of barramundi but craving a risotto, the Pan Seared Barramundi with Rich Seafood Risotto RM35 was my only choice for risotto. A generous piece of barramundi arrived. A crisp skin and firm flesh...nothing fishy but just the goodness of a well executed barramundi. The risotto was faultless. We cleaned up the plate quite well that had table manner not being an issue, we could have licked the plate clean.
Seafood risotto
Comfort food for carb and seafood lovers. The rich risotto is amazingly memorable with a lovely bite accompanied by the richness of the seafood base.

And what's a meal without coffee in F by Buffalo Kitchen? Hot or cold, this place does it right. 
Iced latte RM10
An angelic Flat White RM8

It was a blue Monday then, and of course some bubblies will be the order of the day. Getting treat to cheer one up is always a good thing. So we head off to Souled Out Ampang which serves Sangrias FOC to ladies on Mondays from 9:30p.m. Take your pick of red or white sangria. My choice is of course the white. The girlfriends though preferred the red sangria. I supposed its also a choice of wine preference...
red sangria
The blokes came along. Too bad they didn't come with their boobs and skirts. So naturally no free sangria for them. No sweat. The boys have their on share of bubblies. The boys played around the whiskeys and Guinness.
Yamazaki RM24.
Its always a good day and time for Guinness!

We skipped dessert earlier for a certain reason. Souled Out's Lava Cake RM14 is a must have when you're here. A warm and moist chocolate cake awaits with a generous toss of nuts and vanilla ice cream to sweeten the day. 
Chatting is hungry business as some of us discover. Nachos to nibble on is a good idea:D

...And that's how we shoeed off our Monday blues and went on with the week perfectly well including G who became poorer by a couple of Ks for her car's hospitalisation bill. 

F by Buffalo Kitchen
69-1 Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2201 1710 /  +6012 209 0226

SOULed Out
Menara HSC
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2181 1626
Landmark: beside British High Commission

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Shell LEGO® Ferrari Models

I grew up playing LEGO®. And when Shell recently launched the LEGO® Ferrari models, I told myself that I must collect them all. Well, I am halfway through collecting my 6 Ferrari rides. have yu started on yours yet?

And if you're a blur case worse off than yours truly Missyblurkit, then here's the ad that will enlighten you:P

6 rides to collect:
• Ferrari F150° Italia – A LEGO® Group reproduction of the race winning 2011 F1™ car includes the options to change the livery to that of either Felipe Massa or Fernan-do Alonso.
Makes a guess who is my choice driver?
• Scuderia Ferrari Truck – This familiar transport truck is a key part of the Ferrari motor racing team and brings another dimension to the exclusive model collection. Check out the realistic details on the lights, radiator and front grilles!
• Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto (SWB) – A real legend of the motoring world. Not only one of the most beautiful vehicles ever created, but also the first Ferrari road car to use disc brakes. Its distinctive round headlights work seamlessly in LEGO® bricks, mirroring the beauty of the original.
• Ferrari F40 – One of the most recognisable sports cars of all time. Its classic aero-dynamic form and distinctive square rear spoiler are both instantly identifiable and are translated perfectly with LEGO® bricks.
• Ferrari FXX – The latest high-performance racing evolution of the Ferrari Enzo, one of the most powerful cars in the world. The LEGO® version comes in black livery and reflects much of the Ferrari FXX’s sleek styling.
• Ferrari 458 Italia – Arguably the most iconic car in the current Ferrari range, mak-ing it a natural choice to be part of this promotion. The LEGO® Group have pulled out all the stops to reproduce its signature details from a triple exhaust to multi-LED front lights to create an authentic and exciting toy.

Designed for children aged 6 and above, obviously I had no problems piecing them together. Pretty fun and it takes under 5 minutes to assemble (and take pics).

Grab yours at RM12.90 each at Shell. RM10.90 applies if you're buying V Power.
Afterall there was an idiot proof step by step manual! 
And these assembled pieces also offers you some racing fun. With the pull-back motors, these little models are capable of a minimum of 300 pulls and will propel the 30g model for at least 2 metres. 

This Saturday 24 November,  head over to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (Blue Concourse, LG2) @ 11:00a.m. to catch these LEGO® Ferrari miniatures come to life. Cya there!
For more information, visit

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More pics in the album: Shell LEGO® Ferrari Models 
(I will be uploading more pics of the completed models as I assemble them).