Barley with Gingko, Beancurd Skin and Quail Egg

Tongsui is a must especially during the weekends in our Goon family. These desserts came in well post dinner or even for our afternoon tea time. One of our faves is always Pakkor Fuchuk Yimai or Barley with Gingko, Beancurd Skin and Eggs.

It's probably a familiar dessert with many of you. And its so easy to make that it sometimes does not make cow sense to pay at least RM2.50 per bowl. The ingredients are simple:
• 15 quail eggs
• 2 eggs
• 2 litres water
• 100g barley
• 100g fuchuk
• 200g gingko
• 2 to 4 Screwpine leaves (Pandan)
• Rock sugar to taste

You rarely will see quail eggs being served with this tongsui when you eat out. Perhaps cost is an issue or perhaps its work factor. It takes quite some time to peel 6 lil eggs that is almost equivalent to 1 chicken egg. However when I make this dessert, quail eggs is a must for its flavour and perhaps more so of it being a happy memory of the way granny used to make this tongsui.
During my school holidays spent in Penang, I was the designated quail eggs peeler.
Some use the Chinese barley which is a lil bigger in size. I prefer the regular barley for its taste.
Beancurd skin or fuchuk. Some people love the fuchuk to melt totally in the tongsui to resemble soya bean drink. To achieve that, you either buy the softer fuchuk (the grocery stores will normally be able to identify them for you) or the almost full proof trick is to cook to beancurd skin before adding the barley.
Screwpine or pandan leaves tied into a knot
Do it the old fashion way of knocking the hard shell and then peeling off the skin or you can buy 
the ready peeled ones. I like doing it the old fashion way because the packed gingkos don't taste 
as nice.
The core or hearts in gingko taste bitter. You can use a toothpick to push them out or the easy way is to half the gingko and just pick it up with toothpick. 
Rock sugar to taste. Be careful as some rock sugar have a slightly stronger honey taste that does not go well with this particular tongsui.
2 eggs beaten

(1) Break beancurd skin into smaller pieces and soak beancurd skin to soften while waiting for water to boil.
(2) Add barley and screwpine leaves. Cook for 20 minutes.
(3) Add beancurd skin and gingko. Add sugar to taste.
(4) After 15 minutes or when fuchuk is soft to your preference, add beaten eggs into pot slowly while stirring slowly to create a whirlpool.
(5) Add quail eggs.
Barley with gingko, beancurd skin and quail eggs makes a comforting dessert. And actually I make them for breakfast some days too. Have it hot or cold as you prefer it to be.

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