Bedazzling Christmas @ Pavilion KL

Golden carriage with Swarovski elements crystals
Almost a year past and its the year end. This means one of my fave seasons of the year is here again. Love the seasons for its merry and bright coloured decorations. The Christmas songs make it all so fun and merry. Caught my first Christmas this year in Penang during my recent half marathon when I popped into the mall to buy some groceries. Perhaps I should spend Christmas in Penang for a change. My last Christmas in Penang was after all some 20 years ago!

MeanhWas in town yesterday and caught a glimpse of the Christmas decors in Pavilion KL. I think they're the first to put their decorations up in town this year. A bedazzling Christmas it is indeed. Not taken any pics outdoor as it was kinda sunny...doing zero justice to the decors and light. But I'll be back over the weekend to catch the lights and also to complete my Christmas shopping. Yes! I am one of the crazy souls who starts her Christmas shopping in October to avoid the crowd and the rush.
Carriage with 5,000 Swarovski elements crystals
An enchanting carriage awaits you. This 25' x 18' carriage is the first of its kind and features 5,000 Swarovski Elements crystals. It looks glittering awesome during the day and I can only imagine the full grandeur at night when the mall is lighted up.
What's Christmas without the Christmas trees? Pavilion KL made a lil playground of sorts for the young ones. Hop on the train RM5 and let the adventure begin...
Have a date with Santa. Take a photo with Santa on the sleigh for RM10 with the full proceeds of RM10 going to charity. Its the happy time of the year and let's not forget the less fortunate. Throughout the festive season, check out the activities lined up including the must have Christmas carols and stroller band. 
Swarovski Christmas tree
A different Christmas tree. This sparkling Swarovski Christmas tree awaits you at Couture Pavilion @ Level 2. Guess the number of crystal stars and snowflakes on this tree and you may just walk away with a lovely Swarovski crystal watch worth RM2,550 and a RM500 Swarovski gift card.

Hop over to Pavilion KL and experience a fairy tale Christmas. More information at or

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