Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial

Fresh back from my Penang half marathon, I return to KL for dinner. I was assured that it was a dinner that will definitely rejuvenate me. I was wondering how rejuvenating as I knew the usual works after a run leaves me thirsty more than hungry. Anyway, it was a good drive back home with a combination of both the highway and trunk road. Actually it was more like a good drive to Celestial Court in Sheraton Imperial.

It was a semi wet evening and it was a good thing dinner started promptly. Appetizers were appetizing and certainly kicked start dinner on the right footing.
I love my soft shell crabs but the word tempura puts me off. Strangely the Tempura Soft Shell Crabs served with shredded yam, pumpkin in thousand island sauce RM32++ per person changed my mind. Delightfully soft and flavourful soft shell crabs had me hungrier than before I started dinner. Amazing!
Not the prettiest set of prawns ever but these Crispy King Prawn RM38++ per person were addictive! In my current condition, such seafood is not really recommended but heck, they were so good that I lost count of the many pieces I ate.

The Cantonese blood in me always delights in a good bowl of soup. In fact soup with every meal is welcomed. Soup that night was Clear Chicken Soup with American Ginseng RM32++ per person. Perfect as a recovery food as the ginseng is supposed to help me recover from fatigue.
In case you're wondering why does this clear chicken soup look darker than normal? That's the goodness of black chicken that is used in this double boiled soup. Clearly rich and comforting, I happily drank the soup and of course enjoyed the herbs and tender chicken that went into the soup. After 21km, I think this soup helped me recover real well as I was pretty much back running 2 days after my run.

A lil fusion perhaps is the Pan Fried Lamb Cutlet RM52++ per person. Delightfully tender  meat minus the gaminess of lamb . Lovely mix of our commonly known sauces such as Lea Perrin, Worchester Sauce, A1 Steak Sauce and of course chef's magic recipe, this is a brilliant meal for any carnivorous diner.
The onions lend this dish a nice sweetness. Just don't burp after this meal:P
Pink and juicy.
No need to guess but this is my obvious favourite meal for the night. Signature Black Cod RM48++ per person may seem a tad pricey for a small plate of fish but its so precious that I will recommend that you ask for a bowl of rice to savour the goodness of the yummy broth made with egg white.
Tender bed of spinach and goji berries adds colour to this dish. Some black caviar to give it more bite and flavour. And how can one neglect to mention the thinly sliced fried ginger and scallions. I like to nominate this my best fish for 2012.

Crispy King Prawns served with minced nutmeg, sesame and mayonnaise dressing RM 32++ per person. Delicious but its a bit "too fried" for my personal liking though I must admit that the curry leaves and a slight spicy taste made it appetizing enough for me to almost finished up my meal.
A fried rice sounds normal but this Celestial Court Special Fried Rice  RM32++ (serves 2-3 persons), RM48++ (serves 4-7 persons) and  RM64++ (serves 8-10 persons) is an amazing dish. It nice to watch the bonito flakes do their dance...but more so when the dance dies down, we feast on a carefully mixed plate of white rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, barely, sunflower seed, scallops, chicken ham and mushroom. A beautiful play of textures and bursting in flavours.
A lil too stuffed for dinner, I was actually trying to avoid dessert. Alas the Sweet Pumpkin Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Coconut Gelato was too pretty to be resisted. The sweet pumpkin was perfect...I ate it all. What I left behind (inherited by the hubster) was the vanilla ice cream and coconut gelato. Pretty much anything with coconut just isn't my cup of tea:P But I will have to confess that that my dining companions all relished every bit of the dessert. So really, the problem was me - which I think must have something to do with my childhood snacking of too much coconut flesh:(

Celestial Court
Level 3
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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