Chefs & Cuisine Experience 2012 - Chef Thomas Chiam

Chefs and Cuisine Experience 2012 kicked off at Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square Hotel. Presented by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (Hapa) and Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, the event featured 6 Hapa award winning chefs as well as chefs from Hapa award winning restaurants. Had a sneak peek at the Chefs and Cuisine Experience 2012 with Chef Thomas Chiam preparing for us Hapa's signature dish for this year. 

Started off by nibbling on some lovely canapes that never fail me every time we visit samplings on the Fourteen. Accompanied with a chilled white and their in house band serenading the diners with their melodious voices, I am definitely a happy girl.

My usual choice of white wine
Addictively good canapes. Can I have more?
Angels serenading us.

All Chefs and Cuisine Experience 2012 will feature the chefs preparing the dishes before us. Multiple award winning Chef Thomas Chiam demonstrated the preparation of Hapa's signature dish of Chilled Angel Hair Pasta in Truffle Essence. A simple looking and equally simple to make appetizer, this is one of the best pastas I have had for the longest time.
Chef Thomas Chiam at work. I have tried replicating this at home. Simple except the twirling part for plating purposes. I am absolutely baffled by it. Do share with me your tip(s) in twirling pastas right if you have any.
Chilled Angel Hair Pasta in Truffle Essence - angel hair pasta, truffle oil, konbu (seaweed), 
chives and caviar. Absolutely ambrosial!
I wasn't quite expecting chicken rice to be part of the menu. But this isn;t your regular plate of chicken rice. The Chews Probiotics Kampung Chicken with Green Ginger Sauce has totally changed my expectation of chicken rice and these days, any chicken rice meal that we have is bound to be compared to this prepared by Chef Thomas Chiam.
Chef Thomas Chiam's signature chicken rice. Notice the absence of any gravy as dip or even on the rice. The secret lies in the chicken that is specially flown in from Singapore. 
Chicken is sourced from Chef Thomas Chiam's sustainable farming project that he started 6 years ago before quitting his career in the IT scene. Chicken are antibiotic free and fed a balanced diet including probiotics. Only chicken that are 80days old and weigh 1.1kg will be slaughtered.
Instead of your regular sauce or ginger, this light green ginger sauce made from spring onions and ginger compliments the chicken perfectly.
Not a fan of coconut, but I certainly took to the dessert of Coconut Tiramisu and Cashew Nuts Snap very well.  
For more information on the Chefs and Cuisines Experience 2012, check out More of such dinners would be held in the future. Some firmed dates includes Singapore (March 2013) and Bangkok (June 2013).

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