de jouer

A woman can never have enough bags and shoes. And I think to a large extent, a woman can never have enough lingerie or inner wear. There is always a need for a different design, colour and cuts based on the clothes that we don. de jouer is the latest brand to hit our market and it offers us a different shopping experience. is the place to head on to shop for your latest piece of de Jouer. Online shopping for clothes is rather common these days and why not extend it to lingerie?

de jouer means to play in French. With de jouer you will be expecting a full line of sensous bras and panties. Priced between RM30 and RM100, it is very affordable. Your shopping experience begins when you log in to choose your designs and ends only when your purchased item is delivered to you.  Interestingly, there is a 14 days exchange policy for bras only. The second delivery is provided at no charge for West Malaysia customers.

For now there are 5 series of design to choose: beSeductive, Tres Tres Chic, beFlirty, OMG!!! and deJouer:Basics. Take your pick of push ups, unpadded demis, padded bras, lacy ones, thongs, curve-hugging panties and more. Have a look at some of the designs which were showcased recently at the launch party.

Check out for the full line including apparels and accessories for women.

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