Eggstatic Degustation Lunch

I love eggs and will happily have them everyday. Its not just the taste but the fact that eggs are one of nature's most most power packed food in terms of nutrition. In each humble egg, you'll be getting all essential amino acids, vitamins (A, D, K, B2, B6, B9 - also known as folic acid, B12), choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. 

Some weeks back, I was invited for the launch of Think Out of the Shell Volume 2 book launch by Veron. A compilation of interesting recipes. Makes a perfect Christmas pressie too @ RM70. 

It was lunch after the launch. Held at Opika, one of my fave organic restaurants in town. The meal was quite an experience. Afterall this was one interesting menu featuring some of Opika's signature dishes and marrying them with NutriPlus's products. As much as I love to go organic all the way, reality is I mix both organic and commercial produce...and this Eggstatic Degustation Menu is something I can relate to quite well.

A little bit of nibbles and drinks before our meal started. Refreshing and healthy! Perfect for a Saturday lunch.
We start our lunch with NutriPlus Canapés. The first is Stacked Chicken Nugget with cucumber, lime aioli and poached vannamei shrimp. In the middle was New York style buffalo nugget, heirloom tomato jelly and mint cream. Definitely an interesting take and presentation of NutriPlus products.
Pretty plate of canapes.
This stuffed chicken wing with red quinoa, four angled beans, vannamei shrimp and Balinese sambal needs a special of its own. An interesting play of textures and flavours makes this a very appetizing dish to begin our lunch. 
Caesar Salad Deconstruct was a rather interesting approach at the conventional Caesar salad. NutriPlus Smoked Chicken Frank and the parmesan nest certainly made the sald very appetizing. A brilliant idea to introduce salads to picky eaters. 
Omega-3 dressing and the poached egg perfected this salad with a creamy finish.
Opika whips out their signature Pumpkin Soup. Comfortinga dn creamy with the natural goodness of sweet Organic Japanese pumpkin, I wished that this was served in a bigger portion.
Vivid orange hue with an equally vivid taste.
What does one do with extra yolks from baking? Veron came up with the idea of a large Raviolli - read all about it! A satisfying large Ravioli filled with with black truffle, ricotta cheese, spinach, walnut and of course NutriPlus Omega-3 egg yolk is one of the best raviolli's I have had. The clear broth was yummy though I wished that it was a bit warmer. 
Definitely a departure from the regular raviolli in terms of size and taste! Love the whole works of ricotta cheese, walnuts and the egg yolk. A brilliant take by Chef Ryan Kang based on Veron's recipe.
The Confit of Chicken Leg in Percik Sauce is one of Opika's signature dish which I was totally smitten ever since I tasted it. A brilliantly colourful dish that taste justa s good...or should I say even better than it looks?

The chicken drumstick is cooked patiently in the red palm oil (a very lovely oil in terms of flavours and nutrition). The percik sauce is brilliant and I am sure that if this was served with rice, I am sure I could be hearing my lunch companions asking for extra rice. BTW, the red palm oil is available at Opika's retail wing and it makes a lovely oil for baking and cooking.

No meal is complete unless we have dessert. The delicate looking Millefoglie alla crème di limone is brilliantly rich, creamy and refreshing in a go. Definitely a perfect end to our glorious lunch.

Crispy puff pastry with the sinfully rich Napolean cream served lemon sorbet was irresistibly good. I must confess that I actually had part of my hubby's share of the dessert after finishing mine. 
Obviously you won't be seeing NutriPlus products on Opika's regular menu but this has been an interesting lunch that reiterates that we should always think out of the shell. 

Opika Organic 
Lower Ground
1U Shopping Mall 

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