Fukuharu @ Terrace, Hock Choon

Most local KLnites will probably be familiar with the grocer Hock Choon. Its certainly one of our fave places to shop for imported items prior to Ben's. Nestled behind busy Jalan Ampang and Hock Choon is a delightful space called Terrace @ Hock Choon. Quite a few good eateries here and recently we popped in to Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant for lunch with some makan and cooking kakis. 

Fukuharu is what I consider to be fusion Japanese but in a nice way without bastardizing the Japanese cuisine like many newly opened Japanese places. Nice and airy with quite a pretty garden to view during lunch. And for dinner the place is more litted up for a cozy feel.

One fo the signatures of Fukuharu is the black board. Been there some years and if you're new there, then its worth to check out the items on the black board. These are either promotion items or new items that have yet to make their way to the main menu. 
The Seafood Korroke RM22 is an interesting dish and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves seafood. Fukuharu makes their korokke with fish, prawns, scallop and potatoes. A little like our local bergedil but tastier with all the yummy seafood! 
A pretty croquette
seafood coquette
A thin skin and inside is a luscious and rich filling.
A must have in most of my Japanese meals is the Chawan Mushi RM12. A little expensive some may say but its not your usual cup. Almost the size of a rice bowl. Delicate, soft and flavourful piece of tasty art. The seafood came just nicely cooked. May I have another bowl please?
And the definite hit amongst us all was the Tamago Mentai Sushi RM15. Beyond your usual tamago (omelette) sushi, this has a generous topping of mentai or also known as - codfish roe. Creamy and bursting in flavours.  
A serving of 2 of this mouth watering tamago mentai sushi is not enough. I will gladly have at least another serving and reorder on every visit.
Chef's Sashimi Selection RM38. A delightful platter of freshly thick cuts of sashimi served with truffle oil and wasabi dressing. Sashimi at Fukuharu definitely tops the list for freshness. There is no hard and fast rule which fish will be served as the chefs will serve what they have on condition that it is fresh and suitable for sashimi.
thick cuts of fresh sashimi
More fish goodness with the Salmon Tataki Salad RM28. Again its thick cuts of salmon sashimi seared and served with Fukuharu's home made ceasar salad dressing. A gorgeous and satisfying salad made yummier with a generous toss of roes.
seared salmon salad
Need some meat? The Lamb Moro misoyaki RM35 is a must have. A simple preparation of lamb marinated with with moro miso. It was tasty, tender and juicy. I have to admit that one serving is perfect for one and not for sharing. 
lamb marinated with moromiso sauce
In need of fillers? Then the claypot rice come in handy. And if you're avoiding carbs...this dish is worth ditching your carbs ruling and you should just merrily eat these 2 rice dishes.
You don't get someone serving you with colourful candy nails unless your lunch buddy is Poesy:P
eel claypot rice
Unagi Kamameshi RM35 is cooked and served in claypoy. Fluffy and flavourful rice with chunky pieces of succulent eel. Some spring onions and seaweed tossed for added flavour and colour.
scallop claypot rice
Hotate Kamameshi RM35 is my fave of the 2 claypot rice. The taste is milder compared to the unagi claypot but its certainly making the best of scallops themselves. Savoury and if you like, a dash of chili flakes to enhance the whole experience.
Desserts are a must in Fukuharu. We had 2 and that pretty much left me in a lil food coma on a weekday leaving me quite blur after the meal...but it was nothing that a cup of coffee couldn't sort out.

Black Sesame Cheesecake RM18 is made in house. Rich and decadent, its best eaten at room temperature.
Our climate calls for ice cream @ RM9 per scoop even in the current wet spell. Green tea and sesame were my faves. The mango was OK..nothing too exciting. Too bad for us, there was no yuzu on that day.
A coffee to go with desssert.

A play of fusion and Japanese with a lovely ambience. That's Fukuharu for you!

Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant
Terrace Hock Choon 
241-B, Lorong Nibong
Off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: +6017-209-8477
My lunch buddies
My lunch buddies: KY, Masamichi-san, Veron and Poesy

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