Have You Had Your Breakfast?

Great mornings start with a great breakfast. And I am one of those grouchy ones if I were to have start my day without a breakfast of any kind. It pretty much lays the foundation to my mood for the rest of the day as well.

Indeed breakfast is touted to be the most important meal of the day. After all it provides the body with fuel for the day. So for me, skipping breakfast on excuses of no time, troublesome or dieting are just lousy excuses. Here's some pics of my possible breakfast whether its a weekday, weekend or even work peak season.
A container of grapes, berries and plum to nibble on my way to work.
Hello local fruits! Its starfruit and watermelon in the car!
Dim sum
Homemade pancakes when I'm in the mood to cook
Or even tomato omelette that I can whip up in under 5 minutes
Malaysia's favourite nasi lemak
Dim Sum 
Ipoh Kueh Teow
Soft boiled Eggs
Reinforcing the importance of breakfast, the folks at McDonald's has announced that 9 November 2012 is McDonald’s Breakfast Day. On that day, McDonald’s will open its doors and offer a FREE Egg McMuffin to the first 1,000 customers at every McDonald’s restaurant nationwide. The idea behind the McDonald’s Breakfast Day is to reinforce the importance of starting the day with a wholesome breakfast. By offering Malaysians breakfast, McDonald's is working to start a breakfast movement and rally people to make a good breakfast an essential part of a great morning. 
Enjoy the yummy taste of McDonald’s breakfast served hot, fresh and on-the-go! 
McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is made with farm fresh egg and high quality golden cheese with a slice of chicken roll in a freshly toasted English muffin. 

For more information on McDonald’s Breakfast Day and to locate the McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurant nearest to you for your FREE McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, please visit
I was munching my brekkie at McDonald's and it downed on me that McDonald's actually labels their food. Its interesting to note what I am putting into my body and for those who are on a diet, this labelling is really a good move to promote a healthy eating habit. Bravo McDonald's!

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