Movie Review: My Dog Dou Dou

My Dog Dou Dou is a heartwarming story about a little boy Xing and his dog Dou Dou. His mum leaves the family and dad is deep in debts with the loan sharks for gambling reasons. Kid and dog get struck by lightning. Typical plot unfortunately...

But this movie is not to be condemned based on its main plot. There are some nice twist of events here and there. We learn that if you really must buy your 4D, don't ever buy it from a certain Mr Tan. Its interesting (and funny) to also see loan sharks running compulsory savings deducted from their salary for future use of getting married or buying properties. A little similar to our EPF or CPF concept except your boss hangs on to your moolah.
"Dou Dou  is not just a dog. He is my friend. He is family. How can you just throw him away because he is sick?

How often that we hear and for some us, to actually see and have to deal with animals being dumped when they are ill or old? This is a precious lesson and moral truth that is embedded throughout the lesson. Anyone with a pet (not necessarily a dog) should watch this. 

And if the above is not convincing enough for you to catch this movie...then catch the teaser below.

And catch the trailer below!

My Dog Dou Dou screens in Malaysia on 8th November 2012 (tomorrow). Catch it in the cinemas near you.

Alternatively you can watch My Dog Dou Dou with your furkid too. There will be an outdoor charity screening @ Sunsuria Avenue, Kota Damansara, 730pm on Sunday 18th November 2012. Tickets are at RM20 each with proceeds for ticket sales going to Save A Stray (NGO). Tickets are available at:
• Ohana, Sunsuria Avenue +603 6150 1818
• mm2 Entertainment  +603 7278388

Check out Save A Stray on the FB page:

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