My First Half Marathon

Completed my very first half marathon in Penang over the weekend. It was a very wonderful experience considering the fact that I have never stepped foot on the bridge even though we have driven over it hundreds of times. Plus this is the last very last year that the Penang Bridge run will be held on this bridge.

I completed 21km at 3:09:15. Horrible, considering I was aiming at 2:30 if not 2:45. So technically I am almost half an hour off from my personal target. Come to think of it, I barely qualified since qualifying time is 3:30.

No one to blame...except myself! I hardly trained. Took 2 weeks to train of which I fooled around walking quite a bit instead of running or jogging. one to blame except for myself. Still it was good fun of completing 21km in one piece without any injuries except for a cramp on the 19th km that saw me walking pretty much to end the race.

And a note to the ladies, if your menses happens to come around your race day, you may want to consider taking contraceptive pills to delay your menses. Mine decided to arrive one whole week earlier and I obviously didn't quite enjoy my run with some tummy cramps (my usual discomfort)
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Some pics to tell the story:
Tried sleeping early but ended up watching the classic cartoon Cinderella till 10 plus
That's us 3 crazy girls at 3:00a.m. Yes the run was to flag off at 3:15a.m! My tag was G as at 39, I was placed in the veteran category (the organisers sure know how to make people feel old!)
At the starting line at 3:10a.m
I vowed to run and not take pics during the run. But this was necessary as I was on the bridge!
Approaching my 17th km and I see this "yummy" sign. It would have been nice to have more of these signs around to encourage the runners.
Penang Bridge Run
My Nike+ tells me my timing of 3:10:33
Organisers were very good since the unofficial timing based on our bib was available online even as we ran. This is good for those who ran without timing themselves. This is an average of 9minutes/km. A far cry from my average sped of 6-7 minutes last year:(
My feet and orange toes loose toe nails since I had my nails cut real short. Loved my Nike Lunarglide+ 4 quite a bit except it does not give very good grip when the road is wet (its always wet at the water stations) and the soles began heating up at the 16th km.
Terrible timing but I still qualified:D
And this was my entertainment before and after the run - IKEA Magic Puzzle. All I need to do is to unscramble the puzzles. The fastest time will win super attractive Christmas pressies (If you're a FAMILY member then you get extra Bonus Points)
• 1st: RM1,500 IKEA gift card + Additional 20,000 Bonus Points 
• 2nd: RM800 IKEA gift card + Additional 10,000 Bonus Points 
• 3rd: RM500 IKEA gift card + Additional 5,000 Bonus Points 
• 4th – 10th: RM100 IKEA gift card. 
Join me in this fun game:

Obviously, this return trip to Penang has also been quite a makan trip which I will share this next weekend. Meanwhile, I really should be training for my next run and completing my puzzles! 

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PS: THANX for the many good luck cheers for my run that came through my FB page, twitter, Instagram and text messages! *muaks*