Random Monday @ F by Buffalo Kitchens and Souled Out Ampang

Its Thirstday...I meant Thursday and its been a mix of a weird day. While work has been satisfying with us landing a new client and project, the personal side of things has been a tad of a let down. I supposed that is how life balances itself?

And since I am on a slight ranting mood, I might as well share a little. Been invited by a reputable PR Agency and its client to fly in to cover an event. The invite mentioned that they will be sponsoring me a return flight and accommodation for the days that I am there. The usual works of communication and what nots were sorted out. Technically everything is fine and all I need to do is just grab my bag and fly in. Well it seems that is not to be the case. These bunch of folks decide to make my life a tad more spicy by now telling me that they can only provide me accommodation while I have to go figure out my own flight on a cheap crappy excuse named "budget". Certainly this PR Agency and its client would have figured out the costs and what nots before sending out their invitations. A sudden change in the offer certainly is very unprofessional in every damn sense. So what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Nuff of ranting. Lessons learnt when dealing with PR Agencies no matter how reputable or big they are. Flashback to one of my fave random Mondays. Its blue Mondays for most of us and on hat very day, poor G was a little bluer since her brand new ride had to be admitted to "hospital". Picked her up  to cheer her up with dinner and a Flat White.

F by Buffalo Kitchen was our choice for dinner. This place has been my one of my fave spots for coffee minus the crowd at Antipodeon. The Flat White and latte has always been good. 

Dinner was a bit of a hit and miss. I love my salads and a meal which includes a salad is always fun for me. We ordered the Deconstructed Chicken Mango Caesar Salad RM18 to kick start dinner. Not sure what to make of it. It tasted decent but it certainly arrived in a form that was far from pleasant. Perhaps deconstructed in a food sense was taken too literally since it means to take a dish apart and to plate them differently? 
Kudos on the lovely fried cheese, crisp lettuce, sweet mangoes and flavourful chicken but this presentation had me eating everything separately instead of tossing them together. LOL.

Highly recommended and warrants repeat orders is the Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio RM35. pasta came perfectly al dente with a generous toss of seafood and olive oil. Spicy enough for my personal liking.
It seems like F by Buffalo Kitchen has their seafood dishes in good hands. Not a big fan of barramundi but craving a risotto, the Pan Seared Barramundi with Rich Seafood Risotto RM35 was my only choice for risotto. A generous piece of barramundi arrived. A crisp skin and firm flesh...nothing fishy but just the goodness of a well executed barramundi. The risotto was faultless. We cleaned up the plate quite well that had table manner not being an issue, we could have licked the plate clean.
Seafood risotto
Comfort food for carb and seafood lovers. The rich risotto is amazingly memorable with a lovely bite accompanied by the richness of the seafood base.

And what's a meal without coffee in F by Buffalo Kitchen? Hot or cold, this place does it right. 
Iced latte RM10
An angelic Flat White RM8

It was a blue Monday then, and of course some bubblies will be the order of the day. Getting treat to cheer one up is always a good thing. So we head off to Souled Out Ampang which serves Sangrias FOC to ladies on Mondays from 9:30p.m. Take your pick of red or white sangria. My choice is of course the white. The girlfriends though preferred the red sangria. I supposed its also a choice of wine preference...
red sangria
The blokes came along. Too bad they didn't come with their boobs and skirts. So naturally no free sangria for them. No sweat. The boys have their on share of bubblies. The boys played around the whiskeys and Guinness.
Yamazaki RM24.
Its always a good day and time for Guinness!

We skipped dessert earlier for a certain reason. Souled Out's Lava Cake RM14 is a must have when you're here. A warm and moist chocolate cake awaits with a generous toss of nuts and vanilla ice cream to sweeten the day. 
Chatting is hungry business as some of us discover. Nachos to nibble on is a good idea:D

...And that's how we shoeed off our Monday blues and went on with the week perfectly well including G who became poorer by a couple of Ks for her car's hospitalisation bill. 

F by Buffalo Kitchen
69-1 Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2201 1710 /  +6012 209 0226

SOULed Out
Menara HSC
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2181 1626
Landmark: beside British High Commission

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