Stewed Pork Noodles

Was shopping some days back and the can of stewed pork slices caught my eyes. Its been years since I ate this...I think almost 6 or 7 years! Happily I bought a can to stock up the larder in Carmel. The stocking up only worked for 24 hours. I could not resist eating it! But I wasn't keen to eat it with rice (not a rice person per se). So opted to cook it with noodles...let's call it Stewed Pork Noodles!
Canned Stewed Pork Slices
There's always mee hoon (rice noodles) at home. So the idea was to cook a simple lunch of Stewed Pork Mee Hoon! Ingredients were super simple!
• 1 can of Stewed Pork Slices
• 1 teaspoon of garlic
• Mee hoon for 2 persons 
• Lettuce to garnish

(1)  Remove the floating fat. This is necessary or else, you risk a seriously oily artery clogging meal.
(2)  Slice half of the meat. Remaining will be used to garnish.
(3)  Sauté garlic.
(4)  Add in sliced meat and fry till fragrant.
(5)  Add in gravy from can to the meat.
(6)  Add in mee hoon to the gravy and meat mix. Cook till noodles soften. You can add in more water in case there is not enough gravy.
(7)  Season to taste in case you've added too much water. I added a dash of black pepper to enhance the overall flavour.
(8)  Heat up the uncut pork slices.
(9)  Serve noodles with the uncut slices of meat and some lettuce.

Serve the Stewed Pork Noodles hot! The crunchy lettuce gives this dish a refreshing bite.
I'm off to Penang for my very first half marathon (wish me luck please...I am hoping to complete 21km under 2 hours and 30 minutes). This post is actually meant for the hubster in case he wants to have a home cooked meal on his own...

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