I Love You

Most folks were devastated when 2NE1 cancelled the Malaysian leg of their concert. Thus making Singapore their final stopover. Was in Singapore for SCMS 2012 and thanx to Ellena (and Singtel) I had my opportunity to catch the 4 power girls in action.

In case you're wondering why would this Aunty be so gaga over this girl band? Well, this is one very versatile girl band who are well versed in English, Japanese and Korean. And amazingly, they dance as well as they sing. Having watched most of their MVs and now seeing them in person, they are just as good live.

The 2.5 hours concert was simply charismatic and energetic. Park Bom, Sandara, Minzy and CL worked the stage like a bunch of Energizer bunnies rocking, singing, dancing and jumping.while still keeping it real like a bunch of young funky girls on a  rocking Saturday night out. Loved their outfits too which were sponsored by Adidas.

I've attached the last encore from the night featuring their smash hit "I Love You". There are 3 videos: the first from YouTube that someone shot from the floor. The second is mine from my seats (I would have loved the floor better than the seats:P) and of course the third is their MV for you to judge how good the girls are live and in a recording.

Pictures aren't as good as I like as I was only using my HTC. Still the experience was so amazing that I cant wait for the girls to release their new album in 2013 (which I reckon would be an English album) and to catch them again in their next concert.

 Energetic...the floor and seated crowds were even simply amazed!
 The seated ones cant really sit still...and I was one of the guilty ones:D
 Colourful and vibrant
Fireworks were part of the performance
Amazing showmanship and energy.

video from pit stand

my humble video:D

I Love You MV

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US Potatoes Dinner

Most of us consume potatoes at least once a week and its either part of a salad, appetizer or as part of our main dish. I had the opportunity to experience the wonder of potatoes and specifically US Potatoes. It certainly was an eye opener as it was meal that began with potatoes and ended with potatoes.

Interestingly, this was also an eye opener for me to the various kinds of US potatoes that are available in Malaysia. A quick run through and how many types of potatoes do you recognise?
US Russet Potatoes
US Yukon Gold Potatoes
US Red Potatoes
US Round White Potatoes
 US Blue and Purple Potatoes
 US Fingling Potatoes
The dinner kicked start on a very interesting note. I must admit that the potato is often a very misunderstood vegetable. Often regarded to be unhealthy and fattening. Amazingly we learnt from the Mr. Chris Rittgers the US Agricultural Trade Attaché and Miss Carina Lipold, a Health and Wellness Expert shared on the various types of potatoes and their nutrition values. Amazingly the humble potato is delicious and a very versatile vegetable. What makes it fattening as many think is the preparation. But on its own or prepared healthily e.g. steamed, boiled, mash, grilled, baked and cooked with its skin, , the potato actually retains its amazing nutritional values:
• Higher fiber content
• More B6, Vitamin A+C+E, Manganese and Potassium (potato has even higher potassium value than bananas)
• Pigment anthocyanins 
• Excellent antioxidants
Mr. Chris Rittgers the US Agricultural Trade Attaché
Miss Carina Lipold, a Health and Wellness Expert
Le Meredien Executive Chef Antoine
The slides from the presentation will be uploaded next week (a long post of over 30 slides!) with some of the recipes. But for now I will share my fave dish for the night US Potato Chawanmushi. Yeah...the usual chawanmushi that we all love with a touch of US Potato. 
US Potato Chawanmushi
US Potato Chawanmushi Recipe for 3 servings
• 150g US Russet potato - 80g into the mix and 70g for topping
• 3 eggs  
• 400g Kombu and bonito stock  
• 5g sugar  
• 15g soya sauce  
• 3 pieces Kamaboko fish cake (sliced)
• 3 pieces prawns deveined and chopped
• 1 piece prawns 30/40 deveined for garnish
• Green onion chopped fine 
• Truffle oil

• Steam and peel the US Russet potatoes.
• Add the salt to the potatoes and start mashing till smooth. The mix should be dry.
• Break the egg. Gently stir with a pair of chopsticks using cutting action.
• Add the Kombu and bonito stock, sugar and soy sauce and a little more than half of the mashed potato. Combine all ingredients together and strain to a fine sieve.
• Place fish cake and chopped prawns in a bottom of each cup and pour the mixture over - don't fill to the brim.
• Steam at high heat for about 12 minutes. To taste if the chawanmushi is cooked insert a bamboo stick into the mixture. If a little clear liquid comes out, it is cooked. Steam the whole prawn for 3 minutes.
• Spoon the remaining potato on top and place the whole steam prawn on top.
• Serve immediately with chopped green onion on top and drizzle with truffle oil.

# Kombu and Bonito stock are available at Asian / Japanese store.
## You can make Dashi easily on your own or buy powdered ones. Dashi is a seafood based stock usually made from Kombu (kelp), Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), iriko/niboshi (sardine) or a combination of all or two of them.

Dinner that night at Le Meredien of course included some cooking demos by Chef Antoine. I will share the recipes on another post. Meanwhile, here's our potato dinner from start to end:D
US Round Red Potato case with chicken rendang
3 Vichyssoises featuring 3 varieties of US colored potatoes
Roasted US fingerling potato, Provencal fresh herbs, garlic, chili flake, olive oil
US Blue Purple potato dumpling filled with spicy coconut and prawns
US Yukon Gold potato and cheese croquette with Chili tomato smoked dip
Potato bread
Chunky long white US potato and clam chowder served with sweet corn, grated cheddar cheese and ciabatta bread crouton
Seared sea scallop, truffle mashed US Round Red potato with parmesan wafer
US Russet potato and US Blue Purple potato cake with Garlic and Chives Cream Sauce
US Red potato cheese cake and US Blue purple potato chips with  compressed turkey terrine served with crawberry jelly, “jus tranche”
US Russet potato chocolate cake

A whole world of possibilities with potatoes. Amazing eh? For more information on US potatoes, hop by to and

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New Menu @ Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

Back at one of my fave pork free Chinese restaurants in town Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel. As much as I love pork, there are some days that there is the need for pork free Chinese food with the clients or even my mum (who neve quite liked pork since she was a lil girl).

Checking out their new items that have been added onto their menu. These are dishes either featured in their monthly promotions and/or new dishes created by the team.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab in Vinegar Honey Sauce RM20 is the perfect dish to kick start our meal. Sweeter than tangy but its certainly appetizing!
I have to admit that when the Deep Fried Dried Scallop with Crispy Leaf Vegetable and Seaweed  RM24 arrived, I could not make up what the dish was except for the vegetables and seaweed. It was only when I bit into the golden brown crispy bits that I realised it is my all time fave scallop. It was a hit with my lunch mates though I personally prefer my scallops pan fried or blanched.
A crunchy and flavourful dish.  
Another scallop dish is one the new menu and I must say that I am smitten with it. In a glance it did look like the regular shark's fin soup which I don't eat. Double checked and its all system clear. This was a bowl of rich scallop goodness in chicken broth. Add a dash of vinegar to enhance the natural sweetness the scallops. 
Braised Australian Scallop Soup with Dried Scallop and Snow Fungus in Egg White RM28 (S), RM40 (M) and RM60 (L).
A must order in Zuan Yuan is their fried rice. The new menu features Fried Rice with Seafood, Garlic and Golden Dried Scallop RM30 (serves approximately 2-3 persons). This is a highly recommended dish!
Cod fish is perhaps one of the best fishes to order for any meal. Pan Fried Cod Fish with Braised Morel Mushroom and Black Fungus in Oyster Sauce with a touch of Truffle Oil RM33 is a lovely dish to go with white rice. I am actually surprised that the fish is pan fried as it wasn't the least oily.   
Humble petola also known as loofah is part of the new menu. One of my fave vegetables though its hardly seen on many restaurant menu. Zuan Yuan serves up Steamed Petola Melon with Dried Shrimp, Golden Garlic and Glass Noodle RM25. A simple juicy dish and should be a hit with the older folks.
Stewed Tiger Prawn with Vermicelli and “Sha Cha” Sauce in Claypot RM46 was a vibrant looking dish. Tasted equally vibrant with an amazing burst of flavours from the sweetness of the succulent prawns and Sha Cha sauce with bits of peanut for extra flavour. I wished I could eat more but my current condition does not allow me to over indulge in seafood.

Finger licking good with a mixture of sweet, savoury and a lil hint of spiciness. Its quite a filling dish and you must eat the vermicelli at the bottom of the pot as it has absorbed all the goodness of the prawns and sha cha sauce.
I love the unique flavour of the Steamed Marinated Chicken Fillet with Preserved Olive Leaf RM30. It might not look appetizing or interesting because of its brownish colour but its certainly one very flavourful dish.
It takes quite a bit of self discipline not to ask for a bowl of white rice to eat with this dish as I had eaten a bowl ++ of the fried rice earlier on.
I may sound like a broken tape player but I just can't help praising Zuan Yuan for its duck dishes. This Smoked Duck with Jelly Fish RM28 is a lovely dish to be eaten as an appetizer. The smoked duck served with the jelly fish is a refreshing cold dish. Love the combination of flavours when its eaten together:D
A full meal must end with lovely desserts. The Crispy Red Bean Chinese Pancake with Banana RM13 is a tasty must order pancake. I must admit that I wished I could have more of this pancake!
And if the dishes all seemed overwhelming then the perfect dessert to ease the tastebuds and balance the tummy would be the Double Boiled Pear with Osmanthus and Honey RM10. It may sound sweet but its really a very refreshing dessert.

Love the interesting new dishes and flavours that have been added to Zuan Yuan's new menu. So head on over for a diverse Chinese menu!
Lobby of One World Hotel
Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7681 1159

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Air Asia flies to Nanning

Took a short trip to China recently. was very excited and happy to be part of the AirAsia's inaugural flight to Nanning on 11th December. This route is an important route for both business and leisure travellers. 

My Perrier Moments

Perrier Perrier Vodka
Back in 1994, I used to chill my weekend away at Delifrance in Lot 10 with my bottle of Perrier with either a good book or indulge in people watching. Penning down lil notes of the people who walked past or sat beside me. People watching may seem like a quirky habit or hobby (I actually list it as a hobby and have raised quite a few eye brows during job interviews) Not sure how it got started again but I do remember back in 1994 when Lot 10 was the happening place to be, my fave past time then was sipping my Perrier and doing my people watching. Why people watching? Well, the folks who walk past would form the characters in the lil stories that I penned. I have to seek inspiration somewhere for my characters, right?

Fast forward to 2012! I still indulge in my people watching and I count Perrier as one of my fave sparkling water. There is something about that green tear drop shaped bottle and its bubbles. The bubbles are bigger than San Pellegrino (very commonly found at most restaurants - I supposed cost is the probably the main reason) however in terms of taste and the overall experience, Perrier remains bubbly even after a few hours of you opening the bottle - reaffirmed this when I had by Perrier in China recently to ease the funny feeling in my tummy.

And in case you're wondering about the bubbles in your bottle of Perrier, it is naturally carbonated. Perrier is a certified spring water and the bubbles that you have in the bottle are actually from the same spring source Les Bouillens. The only difference is that the gas is filtered to remove the (natural) impurities before its infused into the water in the Perrier bottle.

And other than sipping on my Perrier with a wedge of lemon, I like the flavoured Perrier too. Not as easily found as overseas but the lemon and grapefruit is yummy. Flavourful and thirst quenching minus the calories from sugar laden carbonated drinks.

Recently took my Perrier experience to a different level. You may think its crazy but Perrier goes better with Bak Kut Teh than your chinese tea. There is something about the bubbles that clears your palates and also relieves you of the fullness from a rich Bak Kut Teh meal. Was with a bunch of foodies and a Mat Salleh girl (who pretty much spent her 2 days in Malaysia eating none stop including having Cantonese beef noodles and banana leaf rice before we did our Bak Kut Teh session) and we all concluded that a bottle of chilled Perrier offers a relief from a food coma meal. 
Lots of lil bowls of BKT goodness!
Hahaha we brought our own Perrier glasses along and requested for a bucket to chill our Perrier. Burped the richness and heaviness of our BKT meal away with the sparkling Perrier spring water. 
In case you're wondering if I am a snob with my bottle of Perrier...nope I am not a snob. Not "atas" but merely adventurous!
And the recent festivities meant that its was a period of lots of rich food, beers, wines, cocktails and liquor. The waistline too obviously was expanding with the season's merry making. I don't quite want to cut down the merry making season and I certainly enjoy by bubbles during this season a lil more. So what I did couple of night back during one of our gathering in our home was to serve a Perrier cocktail. Definitely less calories than most other cocktails and it did hydrate us quite a bit.
• 30ml Absolut Vodka Citron (2 tbsp or 1 oz)
• 100ml Perrier
• 3 ice cubes
• 1 slice lemon 
• lemon rind for decoration

• Pour vodka into glass followed by lemon. 

• Add ice cubes.
• Pour in Perrier and garnish with lemon rind.
Approximately 100 calories for one glass of this awesome thirst quencher Missyblurkit's Perrier Vodka.

Perrier makes lovely cocktails and mocktails and its really up to your imagination. It goes well with almost any fruits or mixers as you like. Check out for some mixology ideas or just play around with your favourite fruits. Another fave of ours is to have Perrier with an assortment of fruits including strawberries, grapes, lemon (or lime) and mango for an exotic and refreshing drink. 

So go ahead and enjoy your French moments. Excuse me while I concoct another Perrier moment for my guests tonight:D 

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Merry Christmas! Merry Guinness!

Christmas and Guinness. Rhymes well eh? Merry Christmas and Merry Guinness! 

Had a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas day with the family this year. A rather homely Christmas this year as I have been away quite a bit these 2 months. Baked more butter cookies for the humans and furkids (recipe on my post dated 10th December 2012), wrapped the pressies and made a simple salad for Christmas eve dinner with the in laws. Of course there is lots of Christmas songs with the latest addition to our collection of Christmas songs being Vince Chong's latest  album "With You This Christmas" that we received during the Merry Guinness dinner held at Dirty Nelly's.
THANX to GAB and G2 PR for the invite...I have a new Guinness merchandise to add to my collection at home!
Speaking of my GUINNESS collection, its something that started way before my blogging days. Below are some of my fave items:
A bottle from once upon a time. Can anyone recognise the year of this bottle?
Or this can?
The hubster calls this one of my Thursday uniforms. Yes I absolutely love to wear a Guinness Tshirt if my work schedule permits me to dress down on certain Thursdays.

This Christmas hamper greeted me in the office on Friday courtesy of the folks at GAB and G2 PR. Lovely! And I will have its certainly MERRY GUINNESS this Christmas for me with more new collectibles for me.
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful Christmas gift at home this year:D
Anytime is a good time for a pint of cold GUINNESS. And its extra good time especially during the festive celebrations! Ah my 12 days of Christmas is of course accompanied by my yummilicious pint of Guinness. Bottle, can or draught...I am always a happy girl when I have my Guinness.
On a none Guinness note, Christmas eve dinner with the extended family is always good. Quite a feast with majority of the cooking done by my sister in law Gloria:D My lil contribution is a simple salad. Lots of colours since its Christmas plus its always good to have a colourful meal!
Missyblurkit's Garden Salad: assorted lettuce (you can buy a ready mix ones available at most good grocers), cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, seedless grapes, strawberries, mangoes, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pepito and quail eggs. All you need to do is just toss them together. No dressing needed as the ripe mango will act as a dressing.
Optional but I added some pork bits in. Used some Chinese sausages (lap cheong) that I cube finely (used 1 piece fo lap cheong) and sauté.

How was your Christmas? Hope you had a fun and well rested Christmas break before we roll into a brand new year in 6 days time!

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