Air Asia flies to Nanning

Took a short trip to China recently. was very excited and happy to be part of the AirAsia's inaugural flight to Nanning on 11th December. This route is an important route for both business and leisure travellers. 

This trip it is a leisure one for me though I have reasons to believe that I will be returning to nanning for work reasons in the near future. There's much to Nanning city though I only spent 2 days per se in Nanning and the rest were spent in different parts of Guangxi province.

I will be writing further on my trip to China but for now its a sneak peek:D
About to board my inaugural flight AK1060
Blue skies and pretty (cute) white clouds. What do the fluffy clouds look like to you?
Nanning WUXU International Airport
Lots of roast geese and you can have them every meal!
Nanning at night and is also known as the Venice of China.
Another pic from our cruise. Its highly recommended that you take the river cruise when visiting Nanning. 
Its amazing that the both commercial and residential building along the river are lighted up at night.
Our drive to other districts in Guangxi. A mix of trunk and highways.
Lots of sugarcane plantations and Guangxi produces half of Chiana's sugar for export!
Very picturesque Detian waterfall. The volume of water is heavier during the summer. Nonetheless is still a very pretty sight to behold even in the winter. Quite a few Hong Kong drama serials were shot here too.
The water is naturally emerald in colour. On the left is China and the right is Vietnam.
Ming Shi Pastoral. We stayed here for a night.
The river Ming Shi runs behind the resort that we stayed in.
Friendship Pass in Sino-Vietnamese border town Ping Xiang  city. This town borders Vietnam and here you will see a lot of Vietnamese and Chinese crossing daily.
Yiling caves. Its an approximately a 1km walk through these caves that are beautifully lighted.
Cute mantous in different shapes including these little piggies.

A huge and very beautiful Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden. Nanning is also known as the Green City for its lush trees and greenery. 
Taken from the 58th floor of Di Wang Tower. This tower is also the second highest building in China.
A must is to walk through the streets on Nanning.

Book your flight to Nanning via AirAsia’s new and improved mobile apps as well which are available for download at Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google’s Play Store for Android phones, or at for WAP enabled phones. You are also encouraged to pre-book your check-in baggage allocation online along with your flight bookings to save up to 66% as compared to checking-in your bags over the airport counter.

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