Butter Cookies for Dogs and Humans

I love baking for the furkid and many times folks ask why do I not bake for humans? I actually do bake for humans but rarely as I am not keen with using sugar or sugar replacements in my recipes. So this Christmas, the idea is to bake for the furkids (as usual) and also the humans. Not sure about you but Christmas does make me think of butter cookies. Coincidentally this is also one of my fave cookies but what turns me off is the crazy sweetness that comes with butter cookies.

So decided that I will make butter cookies as pressies for the humans and furkids. The idea is a 2 in 1 that both can share and eat. Yeah yeah...I am the crazy dog lady who bakes for her furkids! But guess what, this butter cookies is really yummy even without the need for sugar per se. Eat less sugar and be healthier!

• 600g gluten or wheat free flour (use normal flour if you like) (I've also used almond flour before)
• 250g butter (always use good butter)
• 6 tablespoon honey
• 2 drops vanilla extract (or make your own with vanilla pods available at good grocers and baking shops)
• Carob chips (Chocolate is poisonous to dogs!)
• Cold water

• Soften butter.
• Sieve flour into butter.
• Add in vanilla extract and honey.
• Mix well until its nice and crumbly.
• You can take some out and add in the carob chips. 3 tablespoon of carob chips goes well with 200g of flour.
• Wet hands and knead batter till is slightly firm. Wet your hands again if you need more water. I find this method better than adding water directly to the mixture.
• Separate dough into little balls the size of your cupped palm.
• Flatten the dough and cover with parchment paper. Keep in freezer for 30 minutes.
• Cut out with cookie cutter.
Bought these DRÖMMAR pastry cutters from IKEA for RM29.90. Love the different shapes and sizes. WIll be using the largest one for a new recipe that I have in mind for my CNY project.
• Bake at 150C for 7 minutes. Bake longer if you like it crispy. I like them crumbly.
• Leave cookies to cool before storing.  Cookies stay fresh in the fridge for up to 6 weeks and 1 week at room temperature.
• Sprinkle with caster sugar etc if you want them sweeter for the humans. I don't bother as I like them naturally sweet with the richness of the butter. And seriously there is no harm teaching our palates to appreciate the natural taste of ingredients.

Because its meant to be my Christmas gift to our pals with furkids, I have opted to pack them in lil airtight glass jars that I found in IKEA when I went there to check out their advent specials with something offered at a special price each day. Check out:

Buy some ribbons and strings to make your own ribbon. Its Christmas and let your creativity go free with the use of different colours, textures and materials.
Merry Christmas folks!

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Butter cookies with carob chips.