Christmas @ Serai Life Centre

Want something slightly different from the usual Christmas fare? Then Serai is a good recommendation for its Western and Asian selections. Options of dining in or having a takeaway for a home party.

The hubster checked out Serai's latest outlet in town. Conveniently located at Life Centre which a stone throw away from our place. Opened in September 2012, this outlet is draped in a cheery Christmas feel.
This Christmas, Serai options for diners to either dine in or do a take away to save the hassle of cleaning up.
Pre booking of 2 days are required if you want to do a takeaway for your home dinner or potluck celebrations:
• Turkey stuffed with chestnut (+-3kg bird) @ RM350++ per bird
- Condiments of Pesto mash, roast capsicum mash and cranberry sauce and jus.
• Honey Mustard Australian leg of lamb @ Rm400++ (2.5kg)
- Condiments of Orange glazed roasted roots vegetables, Mint sauce and Parisian mash potato.
Juicy, tender and succulent!
• Seafood Platter @ RM450++ (3-4pax)
- Condiments of Tasmanian oyster 3 ways, Cured salmon, Boston lobster Termidor, Fresh cold Sabah prawns, Crispy soft shell crab, Salted egg yolk squid, Fresh Asian cucumber salad, Turkish bread with yogurt pesto dip and roasted capsicum and cumin dip.

And if you prefer a Christmas meal at Serai itself, check out the set meal @ RM120++ per person. Prebooking of 2 days required and a minimum of of 4 pax is required. Am not too sure why the minimum 4 pax requirements but hopefully the management looks into the requirement that may seem a tad strange especially if one wants to have a quiet couple Christmas dinner alone with their other half.

Menu is simple but the hubster mentioned that the simple menu was tasty and a very interesting experience in terms of flavours.

Choose from an option of 3 mains:
• Tarragon de paris butter roast chicken stuffed with smoked turkey, Tasmanian double brie served cranberry sauce (whole bird).
Moist and flavourful with an interesting stuffing of smoked turkey. Definitely a pat on the back for 
  Chef Mohd Najib Abdul Hamid who's spent many years in Australia and cooked for many celebrities including Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikonnen and Kylie Minogue.
• Beef wellington with onion marmalade
• Baked salmon with maple syrup and lemon thyme
A different take at the usual salmon offerings. Baked salmon with lemon thyme and a hint of maple syrup. Worry not as this dish is not sweet as the name suggests:P

An assortment of condiments including Rosemary salt new potatoes, Buttered brussel sprouts, Honey glazed roasted vegetables, 3 style mash and Fresh cucumber salad. Interestingly was the 3 style mash consisting of garlic, roasted red pepper and pesto.  No one should complain about mash potatoes if its served in such lovely variants!
The hubster loved the garlic one best though he think that had I attended the review, I would have gone gaga over the pesto mash.

There is no fixed cake for dessert. The folks at Serai call it the Christmas Tease which means they serve the cake of the day. 2 cakes were served during the review.
A very moist and rich Xmas Winter Butter Tea cake topped with passion fruit mousse and coated with toasted Hawaiian coconut flakes. 
The pistachio cake topped with pistachio creme mouselline and fresh berries pretty much wowed everyone that afternoon. Something refreshing from the usual cakes and definitely a hit with the folks at the review.

All sets are served with Serai Christmas mocktail. A concoction of soda, mint leaves, raspberry, passionfruit pulp and a dash of orange juice. A brilliant cheery colour to suite the festive mood and anything with mint and berries will normally seal the deal for me.

Christmas menu is served till 31st December 2012.
Serai @ Life Centre
Ground Floor
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2181 6717

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