Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets

Christmas draws near. One of my fave time of the year for all the the fun and yummy moments. Opening presents is undoubtedly fun especially when the gifts are practical. Yes I am one of those girls who love giving and receiving practical gifts. I've completed my Christmas shopping...and if you havent's started yours then better get cracking at it!

One gift idea for you to consider is the Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets. Available in 3 sets with 3 different bag designs and colours. Most certainly with 3 different prices too. Each of these bags contains a winning combination of Dermalogica products to suit every individual’s skin needs. Perfect gift this season for your pals, loved ones of even yourself!
Dermalogica® Gift Set + Carry-All Bag RM520.00 (NP RM699.00) contains:
(1) 500ml Essential Cleansing Solution 
(2) Award winning Daily Microfoliant at 13gm
(3) 250ml Multi-active Toner 
(4) 100ml Skin Smoothing Cream 
(5) Bright and stylish ready-to-go bag.   
Dermalogica® Gift Set + Travel Pouch RM298.00 (NP RM418)
(1) 150ml PreCleanse (an awesome must have if you use heavy makeup)
(2) 50ml Special Cleansing Gel OR 50ml Essential Cleansing Solution
(3) 50ml Multi-active Toner
(4) 22ml Skin Smoothing Cream for Normal to Dry skin OR 22ml Intensive Moisture Balance for dry skin
(5) 10ml Gentle Cream Exfoliant
(6) 4ml Intensive Eye Repair
(7) 10ml Solar Defense Booster SPF50
(8) Travel pouch
Dermalogica® Toiletry Pouch Gift Set RM88.00
(1) Conditioning Body Wash (75ml) 
(2) Body Hydrating Cream (75ml) 
(3) Dermalogica® Toiletry Pouch 

These Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets are available in all AsterSpring Signature, AsterSpring and Dermalogica® Consultation Pods as well as Dermalogica® authorized dealers nationwide. THANX Dermalogica for the very lovely Christmas gift (and gift ideas)!

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