I Love You

Most folks were devastated when 2NE1 cancelled the Malaysian leg of their concert. Thus making Singapore their final stopover. Was in Singapore for SCMS 2012 and thanx to Ellena (and Singtel) I had my opportunity to catch the 4 power girls in action.

In case you're wondering why would this Aunty be so gaga over this girl band? Well, this is one very versatile girl band who are well versed in English, Japanese and Korean. And amazingly, they dance as well as they sing. Having watched most of their MVs and now seeing them in person, they are just as good live.

The 2.5 hours concert was simply charismatic and energetic. Park Bom, Sandara, Minzy and CL worked the stage like a bunch of Energizer bunnies rocking, singing, dancing and jumping.while still keeping it real like a bunch of young funky girls on a  rocking Saturday night out. Loved their outfits too which were sponsored by Adidas.

I've attached the last encore from the night featuring their smash hit "I Love You". There are 3 videos: the first from YouTube that someone shot from the floor. The second is mine from my seats (I would have loved the floor better than the seats:P) and of course the third is their MV for you to judge how good the girls are live and in a recording.

Pictures aren't as good as I like as I was only using my HTC. Still the experience was so amazing that I cant wait for the girls to release their new album in 2013 (which I reckon would be an English album) and to catch them again in their next concert.

 Energetic...the floor and seated crowds were even simply amazed!
 The seated ones cant really sit still...and I was one of the guilty ones:D
 Colourful and vibrant
Fireworks were part of the performance
Amazing showmanship and energy.

video from pit stand

my humble video:D

I Love You MV

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