Merry Christmas! Merry Guinness!

Christmas and Guinness. Rhymes well eh? Merry Christmas and Merry Guinness! 

Had a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas day with the family this year. A rather homely Christmas this year as I have been away quite a bit these 2 months. Baked more butter cookies for the humans and furkids (recipe on my post dated 10th December 2012), wrapped the pressies and made a simple salad for Christmas eve dinner with the in laws. Of course there is lots of Christmas songs with the latest addition to our collection of Christmas songs being Vince Chong's latest  album "With You This Christmas" that we received during the Merry Guinness dinner held at Dirty Nelly's.
THANX to GAB and G2 PR for the invite...I have a new Guinness merchandise to add to my collection at home!
Speaking of my GUINNESS collection, its something that started way before my blogging days. Below are some of my fave items:
A bottle from once upon a time. Can anyone recognise the year of this bottle?
Or this can?
The hubster calls this one of my Thursday uniforms. Yes I absolutely love to wear a Guinness Tshirt if my work schedule permits me to dress down on certain Thursdays.

This Christmas hamper greeted me in the office on Friday courtesy of the folks at GAB and G2 PR. Lovely! And I will have its certainly MERRY GUINNESS this Christmas for me with more new collectibles for me.
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful Christmas gift at home this year:D
Anytime is a good time for a pint of cold GUINNESS. And its extra good time especially during the festive celebrations! Ah my 12 days of Christmas is of course accompanied by my yummilicious pint of Guinness. Bottle, can or draught...I am always a happy girl when I have my Guinness.
On a none Guinness note, Christmas eve dinner with the extended family is always good. Quite a feast with majority of the cooking done by my sister in law Gloria:D My lil contribution is a simple salad. Lots of colours since its Christmas plus its always good to have a colourful meal!
Missyblurkit's Garden Salad: assorted lettuce (you can buy a ready mix ones available at most good grocers), cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, seedless grapes, strawberries, mangoes, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pepito and quail eggs. All you need to do is just toss them together. No dressing needed as the ripe mango will act as a dressing.
Optional but I added some pork bits in. Used some Chinese sausages (lap cheong) that I cube finely (used 1 piece fo lap cheong) and sauté.

How was your Christmas? Hope you had a fun and well rested Christmas break before we roll into a brand new year in 6 days time!

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