Missing Someone?

Its the festive season of the year and its certainly a brilliant time to play catch up with the folks around us. 

Looks typically your boy girl drifted apart scenario. And perhaps in many of our case, friends who drifted apart when one party moves on somewhere else. Its quite a waste when a friendship or relationship drifts apart.
Let not a friendship be wasted or even a relationship waste away. Take this festive season as an opportunity to play catch up. And with the Internet, keeping in touch or catching up with each other never mind the distance is so easy and fast. 

Making it more affordable these days is data plans available by all the Telcos. If you are yet to be on a data package, then this is the perfect reason to sign up on a data package. And if you're on Celcom, then dial *128# to sign up for any package and start getting in touch with your pals.

Merry Christmas folks!

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