My Perrier Moments

Perrier Perrier Vodka
Back in 1994, I used to chill my weekend away at Delifrance in Lot 10 with my bottle of Perrier with either a good book or indulge in people watching. Penning down lil notes of the people who walked past or sat beside me. People watching may seem like a quirky habit or hobby (I actually list it as a hobby and have raised quite a few eye brows during job interviews) Not sure how it got started again but I do remember back in 1994 when Lot 10 was the happening place to be, my fave past time then was sipping my Perrier and doing my people watching. Why people watching? Well, the folks who walk past would form the characters in the lil stories that I penned. I have to seek inspiration somewhere for my characters, right?

Fast forward to 2012! I still indulge in my people watching and I count Perrier as one of my fave sparkling water. There is something about that green tear drop shaped bottle and its bubbles. The bubbles are bigger than San Pellegrino (very commonly found at most restaurants - I supposed cost is the probably the main reason) however in terms of taste and the overall experience, Perrier remains bubbly even after a few hours of you opening the bottle - reaffirmed this when I had by Perrier in China recently to ease the funny feeling in my tummy.

And in case you're wondering about the bubbles in your bottle of Perrier, it is naturally carbonated. Perrier is a certified spring water and the bubbles that you have in the bottle are actually from the same spring source Les Bouillens. The only difference is that the gas is filtered to remove the (natural) impurities before its infused into the water in the Perrier bottle.

And other than sipping on my Perrier with a wedge of lemon, I like the flavoured Perrier too. Not as easily found as overseas but the lemon and grapefruit is yummy. Flavourful and thirst quenching minus the calories from sugar laden carbonated drinks.

Recently took my Perrier experience to a different level. You may think its crazy but Perrier goes better with Bak Kut Teh than your chinese tea. There is something about the bubbles that clears your palates and also relieves you of the fullness from a rich Bak Kut Teh meal. Was with a bunch of foodies and a Mat Salleh girl (who pretty much spent her 2 days in Malaysia eating none stop including having Cantonese beef noodles and banana leaf rice before we did our Bak Kut Teh session) and we all concluded that a bottle of chilled Perrier offers a relief from a food coma meal. 
Lots of lil bowls of BKT goodness!
Hahaha we brought our own Perrier glasses along and requested for a bucket to chill our Perrier. Burped the richness and heaviness of our BKT meal away with the sparkling Perrier spring water. 
In case you're wondering if I am a snob with my bottle of Perrier...nope I am not a snob. Not "atas" but merely adventurous!
And the recent festivities meant that its was a period of lots of rich food, beers, wines, cocktails and liquor. The waistline too obviously was expanding with the season's merry making. I don't quite want to cut down the merry making season and I certainly enjoy by bubbles during this season a lil more. So what I did couple of night back during one of our gathering in our home was to serve a Perrier cocktail. Definitely less calories than most other cocktails and it did hydrate us quite a bit.
• 30ml Absolut Vodka Citron (2 tbsp or 1 oz)
• 100ml Perrier
• 3 ice cubes
• 1 slice lemon 
• lemon rind for decoration

• Pour vodka into glass followed by lemon. 

• Add ice cubes.
• Pour in Perrier and garnish with lemon rind.
Approximately 100 calories for one glass of this awesome thirst quencher Missyblurkit's Perrier Vodka.

Perrier makes lovely cocktails and mocktails and its really up to your imagination. It goes well with almost any fruits or mixers as you like. Check out for some mixology ideas or just play around with your favourite fruits. Another fave of ours is to have Perrier with an assortment of fruits including strawberries, grapes, lemon (or lime) and mango for an exotic and refreshing drink. 

So go ahead and enjoy your French moments. Excuse me while I concoct another Perrier moment for my guests tonight:D 

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