Pop Up Christmas @ Fahrenheit88

When I first walked into Fahrenheit some weeks back, I saw Doraemon. Doraemon everywhere to be precise. In fact, there are more than 100 Doraemon running around the Fahrenheit88. 
Don't even think of stealing Doraemon. Its not easy to hide a 20 feet tall Doraemon.
...OK...let's not use the term running around. The correct description should be there is more than 100 Doraemon being displayed. 

I will confess that I went gaga the moment the hubster dropped me off at Fahrenheit88. There is a 20 feet inflatable Doraemon greeting me at the side entrance. And as I walked in, it was many (I like to say many many many) Doraemon everywhere on the Ground floor. Undoubtedly, there was the usual Christmas tree since it is Christmas, but seeing a Christmas tree of Doraemons, that was something uber exciting!
I like this Christmas tree like made of many Doraemon
I went home with 2 Doraemon. Do you know that Doraemon was originally yellow? Doraemon cried when his ears were bitten off by a rat and after a few days of crying, he turned blue!
And if you need more Christmas gift ideas...well hop by to Fahrenheit88 and grab some official Doraemon 100 years celebration merchandise! Alternatively you can also shop at Fahrenheit88 with its unique offering of pop Asian wear. 

Fahrenheit88 too will be unveiling its new Asian retail concept Parkamaya up on the third floor on 12.12.12 (Wednesday). Shop to your heart's delight here with unique and some first time in Malaysia eclectic brands from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and more. 

Fret not that Christmas in Fahrenhiet88 is only about Doraemon. Fahrenheit88 has a whole host of fun Christmas activities all lined up including Christmas Carolling, meet and greet with Santa and Santarina, Colour Pop Christmas dance and lots of special offers by the tenants.
Say hello to Santa and Santarina.
Colour Pop Christmas Dancers
Visit Fahrenheit88’s Facebook page at or follow them on Twitter @fahrenheit_88 for more information.

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Dokodemo Door
Take a pic with Doraemon at the Dokodemo Door also known as the Anywhere Door. This is the magic door that takes you to wherever you wish to go. Coincidentally or not, I told Doraemon that I wish to visit China before the year ends and I am heading to China is a couple of days time. THANX Doraemon!