Rip Curl 6-star Pro Surf

I am in a way kicking myself for missing the trip to the East Coast for the Rip Curl Pro Surf in Terengganu last weekend. Honestly, I was torn between running and heading to the beach to be more than my regular beach bum. After all, the 3 days event in Pantai Buruk also included a surf clinic.
My happy pals had their share of sun, beach and can now surf!
It wasn't just pure surf action. There was a whole set of fun activities lined up for the surfers and also spectators.
Laura Pabst
 Surf Board Artist Laura Pabst from Germany painting surf boards over there.
The main highlight was of course the surf competition itself with surfers from South East Asia giving their best shot. I am now contended to look at the pics and the videos. For more
Made Darmayasa
 Men's Open Champion Made Darmayasa
Jesse Hong
Even the girls were surfing! Women's Open Champion Jesse Hong from Taiwan strutting her stuff.
Day 1 highlights
Day 2 highlights
Women and Open Finals Highlights

For more pics, check out and on the ASC website at I had a look at all the pics and videos, and its certainly a good event pieced together by Rip Curl Malaysia, Terengganu state government, Fanta, Nestle Drumstick, Sunplay and Tourism Malaysia. Its been all good for tourism and to promote surfing as a sport among Malaysians.

Am certainly looking forward to more of such events to be held...and hopefully then I don't miss any of it especially if its surfing. I do want to graduate from being a by the beach bummer to a surfer beach bummer!

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