ROYCE Chocolates for my Christmas

2012 has been a year of many first and many new loves. Amongst them chocolates. Not so how the chocolate addiction started this year but it has been a year of almost chocolates daily. 

Christmas came early for me this year. 5 bars of ROYCE chocolates! Its kinda happily adding to the many bars and boxes of chocolates that we have in our fridge including my all time fave ROYCE Nama Chocolates that my aunt spoilt me with after my run. Confession that I ate 6 slices smack after the run and another 3 pieces on my flight back. Chocolate overload? Far from it. Lots of restraint to not continue munching away (I especially love chocolates after a run).

Collected my ROYCE pressie from their Tropicana City Mall outlet. Bright and white with colours only from the ROYCE packaging.
Not easy to miss the ROYCE outlets.
Its Christmas so my chocolates came in a vivid red paper bag befitting of the cheery Christmas. The colour of the bag too makes a perfect wrap for the chocolate in case you are gifting it to someone. also means less hassle of wrapping!
Red and simple.
I know its rude to open my Christmas pressie in front of my gifter but I was curious. And "Hello" my 5 bars of ROYCE chocolates to noms and go gaga...
And if you're considering chocolates as Christmas pressies, the ROYCE chocolate bars make lovely pressies. They also make lovely dessert to serve your guest or even to bring along for a pot luck meal!
Pretty as gifts. Perfect for your Christmas pot luck contribution without slaving away in the kitchen. RM23 per bar! Choose from Milk chocolate, Creamy milk, black, almond and rum raisin.
Pretty festive packaging for kids in blue @ RM75
Or pick up the ready assortment ROYCE Christmas Selection RM148 that contains Amande Chocolat, Christmas Cookies, Chocolate Wafers, Fruity Bar, Kurumaru Chocolate, Nutty Bar, Pure Chocolate and R Chocolat.
And since I have already peeped inside my bag...I got home and went 1 step further. Unwrapped my Christmas pressie from ROYCE way before Christmas but I think Santa won't mind since I gave him some on a plate with a glass of Whisky. Plus the chocolates won't last beside a lighted Christmas tree so I might as well have them inside my tummy and my fridge.
So pretty!
Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan and known for its dairy and agricultural produce, sparkling waters and fresh air, its not a wonder that ROYCE is often nicknamed the 'Rolls Royce' of chocolate. The bar chocolates certainly lived up to the ROYCE macadamia and nama chocolates that I love very much.
I love nuts so its natural that I open up the almond bar. Perfectly molded front of the almond 
chocolate bar. 
Love the sight of the almonds all over the chocolate bar. Satisfying creamy milk chocolate filled with whole roasted almonds. Its one almond n every bite. Brilliant!
No prizes for guessing it right...the Rum and Raisin is definitely a clear favourite of mine. Creamy milk chocolates laced with premium rum and succulent raisins. See the raisins all over? Not overly sweet but definitely sweet enough to make you want another piece!

I would like to offer you some chocolates for Christmas but I have opened up all my 5 packs (and eaten quite a bit too). Not good to give people opened grab your own at ROYCE. Its available at 7 outlets:
• Isetan Suria KLCC
• Bangsar Village
• The Gardens Mall
• Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika
• Tropicana City Mall 
• Empire Shopping Gallery. 
More information on ROYCE Chocolates:

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