Sane Sunday

The last 4 weeks has been a whirlwind for me. 2 half marathons in Penang and Singapore followed by 4 trips to Seri Manjung, Perak for a work related project and 5 days in China plus the usual daily grind that seems extra hyper busy since its the year end. I am absolutely exhausted!

Nursing a cold sore and a food poisoning from my China trip, I took Sunday 16th leisurely doing things that I wanted with my inner circle of pals who keep me sane (most times:P). Some familiar faces were missing but I had my usual whatsapp comms with them still...
Took a drive - missed my Spyder terribly. A simple Karak Highway - Batang Kali - Kuala Kubu Baru - Tanjung Malim. A lovely drive of all sorts with straights and twisties.
Rewarded with a simple meal at Yik Mun. The pows are simple and good. Nothing to shout about, but its a simple comforting meal. The pows are halal and they are available in frozen form for you to bring home to steam for your next meal. The otak-otak stall seems like a new addition. My drive mates enjoyed it...otak-otak has never been one of my fave things to eat.
Otak-otak JB. My pals prefer the triangle ones which I thought was called Satar but the lady selling insisted its otak-otak. I shall not argue...
Chicken pow for the hubster.
Coffee or tea? Have both if you fancylah.

Headed home after a long chat at Yik Mun. There has been loads of laundry waiting to be washed after my trip and of course the usual laundry loads contributed by the hubster and the kiddo. Let's not make those 2 feel bad, there is also the usual bed linen, cushion covers and curtains that require their monthly washes...The sad reality of being the woman of the house is that I have to do the laundry. I am already complaining, I can't imagine mothers who have to handle a much larger family.
The method laundry detergent with smartclean technology is 95% plant based formula making it more environment friendly and of course means it is less likely to irritate our skin. All I need is 4 pump for my regular 5kg load. Priced at RM28 for 25 loads (300ml), I certainly feel the 600ml for 60 loads @ RM41.80 is a much better buy. 
And with the current wet season, its a I like Method because clothes don't smell weird (damp smell) even when clothes take a few days to dry. I hate using the dryer unless its utterly necessary.
Read more about method at
And...we're having a giveaway of method products. All you need to do:
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Contest ends 31 December 2012.

I promised myself to stay sane on Sunday despite the housework. Sanity therapy resumes in the evening at one of my fave watering hole. Decent wifi, I can have my pork fixes, the husbter has a nice parking spot for for his ride and the kiddo gets to join us too - I present to you Sid's Pub in Bukit Tunku.
My regular must have at Sid's Pub
Had a go at the Christmas meal which was a simple 3 course meal with a choice of wine or half pint of Guinness thrown in @RM60 for adults and RM40 for children. Brilliant for folks who want Christmas nom nom minus the "scratch your head on what to order" headaches.
Roasted pumpkin soup with croutons. Creamy and comforting.
The girls opted for a meal of roast turkey with onion and sage stuffing served with side lines of Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflowers, peas, cabbage and potatoes. Turkey tasted normal, perhaps a tad dry for my personal preference but the piping hot Guinness and cranberry infused gravy rocks big time. Ask for more gravy. Would be lovely to have some breads to dip into the gravy:D
I opted for the Meat Loaf served with cauliflowers, peas, cabbage and potatoes. Of course there must be Yorkshire puddings to go with any meat loaf meal. Meat loaf was good on its own, moist enough for most folks and you drizzle on the Guinness infused brown sauce for more kick and flavour.
Pretty and very tasty Mince pie. Love the rich crumbly crust. Fillings were sufficiently sweet and flavourful. So good that I didn't bother sharing mine out.

Not met up with the girls for some weeks and its also Christmas cheer kicking in. We opted for some Christmas cocktails too at Sid's Pub.
Candy-cane-tini RM20. A sweet concoction (becomes sweeter if you keep the candy cane inside longer) of vodka and peppermint schnapps
Snow Job RM15 with Frangelico and vodka shop topped with cream. I love cream and certainly this was my my fave of the 2 cocktails. 
And since the lil gremlin was with us, we took the chance to walk around the lil park...a little run with her as well. Lots of fun for her and certainly equal amount of joy for me too. Not sure why the kiddo ended up giving me the weird look below when we got into our car. Not too sure if she was asking how come we're headed home... 
The kiddo also known as Shalom and these days as Diva Shalom.
Took a lil drive to SStwo Mall to pick up some stuff that we have ordered and to have a go at the month long giveaways and lucky draws that the mall was having. Not sure if we will win anything from the grand draw yet...but its fingers crossed since we spent quite a bit.
Running a theme of "It’s Almost Home’ we saw the happy snowman that did remind us of some of our Christmas decors. Think next year I may just do away with my 7' tree and have a snowman decor in my living room. Hehehe.

Conclusion! It had been a good fun Sane Sunday. How did you spend your Sunday? BTW...remember to take part in the method giveaway. Stand to win method products for yourself and your nominated pal or loved one!

Yik Mun Kari Ayam
6043 Jalan Slim River
35900 Tanjung Malim
T: +605 459 6006

Sid's Pub
H2 Taman Tunku
Off Langkat Tunku
Bukit Tunku
Kuala Lumpur
+603 6205 2588

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