A Weekend of Sharing

Am glad that I sort of recovered from my long winded flu and cough for me to enjoy my all time fave McDonald's Prosperity Burger today. Of course some may argue that I should really wait till I have fully recovered before eating the sloppy pepper rich burger. However, this weekend my Prosperity Meal at McDonald's is more than just tasty. Its eating with greater satisfaction knowing that my purchase of the Prosperity Meal is contributing RM1 to charity:D

Happening today and tomorrow 20th January 2013, RM1 from every sale of a Prosperity Meal at all McDonald's nationwide will be channelled to more than 60 charities.   Here's some pictures from my Prosperity Meal noms today at McDonald's Kota Damansara.
Celebrities and Volunteers with some children from Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan
Now how long can you say McDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD?
Kids and Ronald having a good time!
My first Prosperity Burger for the day.
Hijacked Ronald from the kids for a photo:D
Prosperity Burger number 2.
And Prosperity Meal Number 3:D

And what makes me love a Prosperity Burger so much? Its a hearty burger with sesame topped soft bun holding together a piece of juicy meat (I love beef) with lots of onions and yummy black pepper sauce.
Love the combination of crispy fresh onions, black pepper sauce and yummy meat! Sloppy and delicious!

Since Prosperity Gives Back ends on Sunday 20th January 2013, I will be heading tomorrow for another burger or two or three tomorrow. Indeed, I ate 3 Prosperity Burgers today for breakfast and lunch - its yummy...and for a good cause! 

BTW, Sundays are for family and friends, so head in to McDonald's tomorrow for a meaningful meal with them. Remember:
Time spent with loved ones + contributing to charity + yummy meal = PRECIOUS MOMENTS

Find out more about McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign and the Prosperity Burger on

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