Amy and Nick? Amy and Joe?

Life can be quite a bitch some days. Almost tragic in certain days. In the case of Amy and Nick, it all seemed so sweet until Nick goes off and fails to keep in touch with the girl.

So what happens? A friend Joe becomes the third party. Do we really blame him?

And as tragic as things can sometimes become, Nick gets hurt in an unfortunate incident while buying a ring for Amy. In fact for all the silence and failure to keep in touch, Nick actually still loves Amy who was obviously oblivious. Can't blame her when he's not keeping in touch!

Amy seems to have fallen for Joe. And I wonder would Joe be possibly the third party had Nick signed up for a data package when he went away.

It brings back the simple message and reminder to always be in touch whether you are local or travelling overseas for work or holiday. Long distance always places a strain on a boy girl relationship. Even between loved ones (relatives) and friends. So take the first step...make sure you have a data plan with your telco! 

And if you're on CELCOM, all you need to do is to *128# to sign up for a data plan that suits your needs. It pays to be connected via the Internet!

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