Blessed New Year 2013!

Not sure how you spent your NYE. I know I had a blast crossing over from 2012 into 2013 spent with friends and loved ones. Blessed 2013 everyone!

Here's a lil summary of the crossover and my 1st day of 2013. I absolutely loved the none stop pace of eat, drink, party, run, work (yeah had to work even on 1st January!), and of course blog. 
Lok lok for dinner. Quite a novelty for me as this is my second time ever eating lok lok. Of course this hasn't gotten me yucky since I wasn't sharing soup with strangers as TJ catered this.
Some of the many drinks that we made in our makeshift bar in the kitchen.
Caught up with my Super GT pals: Lushan, Wengli and Alicia
More drinks in between made by our "bartender" WeiBinn.
After some drinks...
Kept my bargain to run my New Year run which started at 6:30a.m. with the fun folks at TPRC. Wasn't the easiest run for me since I barely slept and obviously had a bit too much to drink at TJ's.
My first meal for the day was a healthy seaweed with tofu soup. Its part of my resolution to stay healthy.

Seriously 2012 passed really fast. And I think my 1st January 2013 passed just as quickly. I'm looking forward to a memorable and amazing 2013. May 2013 be a blessed one for you too!

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